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How have you tried to brew / steep your loose leaves?

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Vickie said

I brewed Jaf Loose Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea in a mesh tea infuser. It was really simple.

Here is a video I posted on YouTube of how I did it.


What do you think? Please share – thanks!

nice video, thank you for sharing. i love the ‘just like on food network’ dig ;)

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teaINfuse said

my #1 way is in a Kamjove pres art tea cup or one of the many other brands of the same type of brewer. I like it as I only make tea for myself it works great. here is a video of it being used

thanks for that video!

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MaddHatter said
teaINfuse said

I like the last video.. so what method do you like to use? I like Kamjove or Ming Xiang Cup style infusers. and a standard mesh basket.. here is a vid of the Ming Xiang Cup

MaddHatter said

I use the bodum at work, and love it, mostly because I make herbals and rooibos at work and the children who want to taste them can. (and truth be told kids love drinking what they have watched steep)

At home I am a basket girl, though not entirely effective for flavour, it works. I would love one of those single serve plastic cup thing-ys with the plate in the bottom, but I just can’t justify $20 (CND) for plastic.

Thanks for the links. One important tip I learned from the Tea Guy: tea being infused expands to five times its original volume. That helps me decide which tea infuser to use.

MaddHatter said

I had no idea either! It made a lot of sense, with why my teas were tasting bitter or thick.

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MegWesley said

I have tried using a tea ball and brewing them loose in the pot then using a strainer. I’m not sure which way I like more, mostly because I don’t normally use loose leaf because I am in college and like the easy clean up of bags right now.

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