Amoda said

New Monthly Tasting Box

Hi! Thank you so much to everyone that has already welcomed Amoda to the Steepster community. I wanted to quickly introduce our new start-up tea service. Amoda Tea introduces tea drinkers to tea companies around the world with a Monthly Tasting Box. Tea connoisseurs and newbies alike will discover amazing loose leaf teas. Each month, subscribers receive 3 delicious teas from 3 unique tea companies, right at their doorstep. The box features a wide variety of teas – single origin, blends, flavoured teas and herbals. You can check us out at

We were attempting to do a bit of a soft launch with Amoda, but word got out and we’ve had many requests to open up subscriptions to a wider audience. So, I figure what better place to offer our October tasting box then the Steepster community.

There’s a small window of opportunity to order the October box – you have until September 23rd to subscribe. We’re shipping within Canada only right now, but will open subscriptions to the U.S. in the near future.

I can’t wait to start delving deeper into Steepster. I’ve already spent hours upon hours reading reviews. Everyone adds their own personal touch to their reviews – I love it!

Learn more about us here:

If you’re wondering who “I” am… I’m one of the co-founders of Amoda. You can read my bio on our website or check me out on Twitter (@ThisWoo).

Thanks for reading! Now back to my morning cup…


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Cedes said

Oh this is so cool. Ive never had a monthly subscription box before. And yay its in Canada!

Azzrian said

Nice! Congrats to our Canada friends here who often miss out on cool things like this!
Can’t wait to hear when it opens to US people!
This is a lot like the Steepster subscription that unfortunately ended!
Best of luck and please let us know when the US people can jump in!

I was thinking about the Steepster Select box just yesterday, I miss it. I hope they come back with one soon, until then this would be great when they open it to the US.

Amoda said

Hey Invader Zim, what do you miss most about your Steepster Select box? We’re not trying to take their place, but it would be great to offer something complimentary. You can never have enough tea, right!?

It was very much like what you’re describing for your monthly tasting box. You received a box once a month that typically came with three teas, one ounce of each tea. Different types of tea from different companies in some sort of theme. They were always a complete surprise and they came with a little tasting notes to fill out and a description of each tea and where to buy more. I really loved it. They stopped doing it to revamp it and are still in the process of doing so.

Amoda said

Hmm I somehow missed this last post from Invader Zim. Did you like the idea of having tasting notes to fill out yourself? I used to do this with my wine sommelier courses and found the guidance really useful.

I do like the idea, but I usually don’t use them myself because I keep a journal for tea tasting.

Amoda said

Thanks! We definitely thought Canadians should get tea at their door too :)

Azzrian said

Indeed! :)

CupofTree said

love the website! looking forward to seeing the teas offered.

Amoda said

Thanks! The first round of teas will be revealed on the website mid-October, once our subscribers have received their October box.

Sil select said

I’ll have to give this a longer look once i get home. Looks decent so far, and I’m a fan of the canada option :)

Erika M. said

Please let us know when it’s open to the U.S. Thanks! :)

Finally! It’s great to see programs like these :)

Yes… please let us know when it will be available to the US! I’m very interested!

Amoda said

Thanks for the positive messages! We have lots of great ideas in the works, but welcome any and all input. We’re working hard to make it available across North America. I will be sure to let you all know.

Nik select said

Is there any chance that you will keep the teas around to recreate older tasting boxes that can be purchased separately? You know how when you subscribe to a magazine, your subscription includes issues from today onwards, but you can buy back issues individually? That’s what I have in mind with this question. The reason I ask is because when you eventually do open up the subscription service to the US, I will want to go back and start from tasting box 1, and I would be willing to purchase those “back issues” separately from my subscription.

Thanks for your consideration. =)

Amoda said

I really like that idea. I wonder if “back issues” would be popular with other tea drinkers. We keep the tea on hand that has been featured in our tea boxes and sell them on our website in larger sizes, so recreating a tea box would be a possibility. Of course, the surprise would be gone, but that’s not a big deal for some.

Let me give that some more thought and we will definitely consider it once we have a few tasting boxes under our belt.

Nik select said

Thank you for considering it, I appreciate that. =)

It would definitely be popular for me to be able to get the “back subscriptions” … even if we could get just smaller versions, small samples of what was in the first few boxes that we miss out on.

Sil select said

Just signed up for kicks :) looking forward to trying this. Present from my other half on our anniversary!

DaisyChubb said

Awesome! Can’t wait to see what it’s like :D

Amoda said

That’s fantastic! Happy Anniversary :)

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