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Sare said

OH to Buy or Not to buy!?!?!

OK so here is my Predicament I LOVE DAVIDS TEA and i want to get some more pumpkin chia and Movie popcorn and Of course OH Canada! with shipping that comes too $31.50 and i only have $60 to spend!! And let me tell you i could spend it allll there!!! But i wanted to try another online store and was thinking Lupicia And i like that if you spend $30 you get a tea Magazine for a year!! but with that and shipping it comes to $42! So as you can see that over my $60!! What to do!!!! Do i just cancel one order and buy all from one store? What would you do ?

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darby select said

WELL…..as a new Davids Tea lover I say go all in on Davids and get the free shipping. Then do Lupicia next month. Or, vice versa. I’m all for free shipping…can’t reason not spending $10 or more if I’m close to save $10 or so on shipping.

BTW – I just put my Davids order in last night too….can’t wait to try Oh Canada!

CupofTree said

I second this choice :)

Nik select said

Thirded. =)

DaisyChubb said


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I was going to say something similar. I know that lupicia offers free shipping at $60. So if you put all that in you get free shipping. Lupicia is in the states so you’ll get your order quicker than a Davids Tea order which is in Canada. So, depending upon how soon you want to stock up your tea, lets say you’re low now, get Lupicia now, and then get Davids Tea next month. Or do it the other way around. If there’s a free shipping option and its within my budget, I do try to buy to get that free shipping option because so often the cost of shipping is like the price of another package of tea. So, it’s like getting more tea for … free. Kind of. That’s the way I rationalize it anyway.

Oh… and the tea magazine from Lupicia is awesome. You get a free sample with it every month. :)

Babble said

Have you gotten your magazine yet for this month? I placed an order with them over a month ago over $30 but haven’t gotten anything :(

I’m past my year subscription since my last order, I really need to place an order with them. Don’t worry about the magazine… they’re usually late with it.

Babble said

Okay, thanks for the heads up. I definitely made a large purchase with them so I could get the magazine (Not that I need more tea, mind you ;) ..

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Personally I would order from Lupicia, not that I have before though I have heard good things, reasoning though is that I’m in perpetual sampling mode, trying all the new tea (new to me), rarely do I stock up, though sometimes I wish I could. I do understand loyalty though, you can count on me ordering once or twice a month from Verdant, most often they are new teas or a new harvest. So actually if I had $60 to spend I’d spend it all at Verdant, free shipping and affordable sample sizes ;)

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Babble said

Well, if you’re like me, you’ll agonize over it for a while, eventually make one purchase … and then spend the rest of the time wondering what if you made that other purchase and just go ahead and make the other purchase just to shut yourself up. … Or is that just me?

I do feel your tea purchasing pain, though. Does anyone know how long David’sTea is offering their pumpkin chai? Lupicia shipping is killer, but they did have a free shipping promo a few months back, which I took advantage of. I don’t see them offering it again anytime, soon, though.

I think if I had to pick, I’d go with Lupicia, because David’sTea is more likely to introduce some christmas-time blends that you might regret not holding out for.

darby select said

Not sure on the Chai since it’s a fall one….I ordered an extra 100 grams just to be same – cuz it’s YUMMY!

momo said

I think Pumpkin Chai’s been year round on the website, if it hasn’t been, it will be now. They’ve been making all the seasonal ones available as online exclusives once it’s past their season.

darby select said

Ahhh!! Good to know!!! Thank goodness I didn’t get the 500 gram bag! LOL

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So the question I would ask myself is “new tea experiences? Or restock known favorites?” I would probably go for Lupicia myself since I’ve been promising myself an order from them for ages! Momo oolong is fantabulous. And Chaud Les Marrons! And strawberry vanilla green. And muscat anything. And some of their flavored puerhs sound awesome as well. I’m getting all excited now but I’m not allowed to buy any more tea! Argh!

Azzrian said

I too have had Lupicia on my TO BUY list for a while now. I’m not totally out of their teas yet but I need more MUSCAT!!!!!
Maybe soon.
I have some other life expenses to take care of first and I keep getting 52Teas tea!!!! LOL

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Man those life expenses are always getting in the way!

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Sare said

LOL so true Mercuryhime !! so my sister in law wants to split an order with Davids so that will save me shipping she also wants to go halves on a few of the teas ALSO going to save me so ONCE that’s figured out i think i will have enough for both!!! thanks for all your suggestions i think i would have done Davids to make sure i got Pumpkin chia JUST IN CASE they didnt keep it around… i get about 50 a month for my tea so lol Sometimes ya just got to make sacrifices lol

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