Subscription Tea Clubs (Verdant's and otherwise)

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I’ve also been following this thread, because I’ve been wanting to join Verdant’s club pretty much since I discovered the company. The only reason I haven’t yet is that I want to try everything, not just 2-3/month!

It’s official! I joined Verdant’s teaclub for 2 monthes.

Aiko said

Hurrah! I finally caved and bought into six months myself, and I’m already getting excited.

I figure I’m ordering tea from there so much, I might as well. Plus I love everything I’ve gotten from there so far!

Azzrian said

WOO HOOO Contgrats! Please let us know in your reviews which teas you got in the program! I am tempted.

I will!

Azzrian said

Awesome! Thank you!

Then I’ll send you samples : )

Azzrian said

WOOT just saw this haha

Lynxiebrat said

While I love the idea of a mystery tea showing up on my doorstep every month, I am concerned about those of us who have allergies or other health concerns that might interfere with out enjoying that month’s tea.

Tea of the week/month: I would love to be able to take part in any of these, but my finances just won’t let me:(

I’ve already been putting in sneaky comments to my friends and family that a tea of the month thang or two would be a nice gift for me for xmas…
They better get the hint!

What a great idea. Maybe I’ll start dropping hints too…

Aiko said

Haha, my boyfriend was playfully upset when I told him I had already subscribed to Verdant’s. “But that’s what I was going to get you for Christmas! I have to find something new now!” (Amusingly, he got me a bunch of samplers from Verdant last year, too. I am so lucky.)

DaisyChubb said

Nice – your man knows what you like ;)
Maybe he’ll have to find some nifty new teaware for you to drink your Verdant teas with!

Congrats to everyone who has joined recently. All your thoughts here have given me some interesting ideas for upcoming tea of the month shipments. Should be very very fun indeed.

I am pleased to announce that with Geoffrey’s masterful programming skills, we were able to reformat Tea of the Month for new members to allow monthly billing. If you haven’t joined yet, you can now do so essentially for free. You don’t pay anything until your first shipment goes out, and at that point you only pay $25. We will keep sending you Tea of the Month packages for as long as you keep the subscription. You can cancel any time and change your shipping address any time. Very slick! Thanks for the suggestions to make it happen.

Aiko said

How awesome! Kudos to Geoffrey’s coding expertise.
I wonder though, do you plan on keeping an option to pay for several months in advance (for gift subscriptions and such)?

.. I am so excited for my first shipment, I could just burst.

Ahhh! I want to sign up so badly!!!

Azzrian said

I will jump in next month for sure – chances are if I did for this month it would go through but chances can also be that it would not and I don’t want to risk it or do that to David lol.
I will wait until its in my so called budget!

Brian select said

Verdant Tea Of The Month Black Friday Discount

I received an email from Verdant this morning that they are having a sale on their Tea Of The Month Club today, $20 a month, instead of the the normal $25 a month. With the demise of Steepster Select I jumped at the chance to get their Tea of The Month for a few bucks less.

They also announced a Tea of the Month Reserve Club of very limited quantity teas, more info here:

Zeks said

Yep, I grabbed reserve subscription already :) Can’t wait to try what’s in it:)

I also joined the reserve club. I figured, what the heck?

Zeks said

Exactly my trail of thought :)

Aiko said

I eventually joined the reserve club also, after agonizing a bit over how much of my budget is going into tea now. But I knew if I didn’t join I would probably kick myself for it later, hah.

Thanks to so many of you for the support. The December Tea of the Month shipment is going to be awesome- one of the additions has been sourced exclusively for the club, and the others are both knock-outs.

Our Reserve Club filled up entirely in the first two days, so I got on the phone this week and talked my friends into getting me enough to allow new members to join. I am excited to share the news that this afternoon by 3PM CST we will be offering 15 more openings in the club. Here is the overview page:

The first Reserve Club shipment went out this week with two rare Dancongs, a pu’er commissioned as part of a special research project by four different tea institutes, and a brand new kind of Yue Guang Bai pressing. Check out the preview pic on Facebook of the master growers we are working with for January. I am so excited to be able to bring in these teas. I will post again when the openings are available this afternoon:

Sounds awesome, David! I’m excitedly awaiting it’s arrival!
Although, it’s not like I don’t already have way too many teas around here to sample.

The Tea of the Month Reserve Club is officially live. 15 more openings are being offered. Join me on this sourcing adventure:

I should reword that to say that I’m excitedly awaiting the arrival of my Tea of the Month Reserve Club package! I already signed up!

Zeks said

For me it’s going to be “Tea of two months later” (Russian post, lol) si I guesss I am eagerly awaiting for it to arrive somewhere early February :)

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Tealet ( has a subscription service where we ship a variety (4-15 gram packs) direct from growers around the world. The Holiday shipment which will start shipping on December 2 will feature teas of two growers in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan. If you purchase a subscription by Dec. 7 it will be delivered in time for Christmas, so perfect for gifting. (
We are encouraging people to gift a subscription for a friend, or yourself, during this Black Friday weekend ( If you gift a subscription by Nov. 26 you will receive a free tasting (15 grams – 30 cups) so you can begin your own tea exploration.

Amoda said

Hi Steepsters! I thought it would be appropriate to add Amoda to this discussion. Our subscription tea tasting boxes really round out the offering from Verdant and Tealet (which both look like great tea services!). Each of us has a different focus, which really does reflect the growth of the tea industry in many segments.

Amoda sends 3 teas from 3 different blenders worldwide to your door each month. We try as best we can to include organic or all-natural ingredients and teas. We curate a wide assortment of teas and enjoy featuring blends and uniquely flavoured teas from artisan blenders and niche tea companies.

Our tasting boxes are a perfect Christmas gift for tea newbies or people you want to kick the coffee habit! Our teas are perfect introductory teas, but are also high quality and will satisfy the veteran tea drinker :) We are educating in the process as well and include pure teas in certain months. Each tea is labeled with a tasting note and steep times and each box has a brochure that goes into greater detail about the tea and the blender.

Check us out! We’re based in Canada, but shipping all across North America.

Here’s a few reviews:

I had no idea there was such thing as a tea club. Oh my. This site just became very, very dangerous! ;)

Valerie said

I subscribed to Amoda and I’m super excited!

Amoda said

Great to hear Valerie! You subscribed at a good time – January’s tea box is stacked :)

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