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poemaXX said

recs for a newbie who loves Yogi Detox?

I’m joined Steepster to get recs on teas that I’ll enjoy as much (and hopefully more!) than Yogi Detox.

I’m not an expert on tea, but the natural sweetness and spicy notes of this tea has made me care about what’s in my cup! It’s veeeeery smooth and I love that I don’t have to add anything.

What are some good alternatives for me? I like Chai as well, but usually have it in the sweetened milk preparation. :)

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darby select said


If you like a tea that you don’t add anything to, Aveda makes comforting tea. I like it because it’s naturally sweet and I can just throw my leaves or bag (they make both) in a tumbler and go…no need to worry about oversteeping.

I haven’t had the Yogi Detox so I can compare taste features.

poemaXX said

Ooh, Aveda’s Comforting tea has licorice, peppermint, fennel and basil – that sounds great! The Yogi Detox also has licorice, but I’m sure the mint will take me in a refreshing direction. ;)

Thanks for noting you can’t oversteep it. I’m not one to time my tea and just leave the bags there til it gets bitter… Bad form, I’m sure, but I’m here to learn!

darby select said

If you want, I can mail you a bag of it to try. It’s very YUMMY!

I like to have those teas that I can take on the go and not worry about. As long as it’s herbal – I haven’t had any problems with oversteeping.

poemaXX said

Aw, thanks! I’ll PM you my address. :)

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Babble said

Have you looked into “rooibos chai” type blends? That’s another type that will have sweet and spicy notes, and won’t get bitter in water.

I love Yogi Detox. I don’t know if it does anything, but it makes me feel better after I eat a bad meal – LOL. It’s also the best detoxing tea I’ve found that tastes good but also has a lot of good stuff in it. Celestial Seasonings has a very good tasting detox tea, but there’s not much in it, either :(

poemaXX said

I’ve never tried rooibos, actually. I’ll look into chai blends that use it as a base. Thanks for the tip!

(Also, that Black Cherry Matcha you reviewed sounds awesome. I like Cherry Coke a bit too much, so this might be worth looking into! :D )

Babble said

Rooibos doesn’t have much of a taste on its own, which is why you’ll find it flavored a lot. A rooibos chai blend shouldn’t be too hard to find. People love chai but don’t like the caffeine.

The black cherry matcha is great! Also GMTA, I just bought some cola matcha to mix with it. I’m a big soda fiend too, and even though I’ve cut back a lot for health reasons, I love the flavor.

poemaXX said

Just got Chai Rooibos from Yogi (I’ll branch out to other brands eventually. Baby steps. :) ) I like it! It’s definitely warming, but brighter tasting than the licorice-based detox tea. Thought there might be orange peel in it, but nope – I guess the fruity acidity must come from something else. Probably the ginger. It’s very nice.

Thanks for a great recommendation, Rachel!

Ooh, and definitely keep us posted re: mixing black cherry and cola matcha. :)

Babble said

Glad you liked it. You know, Yogi also makes other detox teas, too. They make a peach detox (which I like better than the regular detox) and they make a berry (which I do NOT like – and you might not like either if your goal is sweet and spicy).

By the way, RedLeafTea’s matcha promotion is ending on 10/14. So, if you want to get credit for reviewing a matcha, you’ll want to order soon. You can read about the details here: http://www.redleaftea.com/free-matcha/

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