Favorite activity while drinking tea?

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jhawkes said

if im not at work, i’ll drink tea while watching a movie, reading, checking out the internet, or walking the dogs.

forsythia said

Most of the time I just sit and contemplate life, make plans, dream, relax.

Drinking tea is a lot like fishing, sitting around doing an idle repeatitive motion, comtiplating and sipping some nectar of the gods… And it should be.

mrmopar said

surfing the web and sitting and sharing with my honey are the top 2.

Lynxiebrat said

LOL. Not alot that I do while not drinking tea! I would say when I am at work, (I work in a McDonald’s.) but alot of times even then I am sipping some iced sweet tea.

But my favorite time to drink tea is when I am writing.

I like to read while drinking tea but most of all I enjoying doing nothing at all while having tea, On a rainy day I like to stare out at the rain while sipping oolong.

Ninavampi said

Reading, watching a TV series or movie with my beloved Sencha and Boyfriend, or just while hanging out on Steepster! :)

I have my first green tea with breakfast. The second and third I’m probably using the computer, while the last one is about an hour before I go to bed. I don’t have a specific activity when drinking tea, just the drinking itself is fine.

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