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Tina S. said

Favourite Chai?

I’m starting to get into the chai addiction again as things cool down, and I realized that I’ve only found a few that I can still get and which I adore. What chais do you guys like/prefer? Grocery store/mainstream brands are welcome as well since I’d love to have something to keep in the desk at work!

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DaisyChubb said

My favourite bagged Chai is Life Brand from Shoppers Drug Mart. aw yeeeeah.

Tina S. said

Oooh! Affordable and available! Is it more sweet or kicky?

DaisyChubb said

I find it a bit more sweet than kicky – I think when I love best about it is that each spice balances each other – it’s not really cinnamon-y or really clove-y. Just right!
I usually pop the bag in hot chocolate or use them for pumpkin chai lattes. Yummeh.

The fact that this is your answer – and that your answer is the first one – strikes me as disproportionately hilarious. Maybe I’m just tired.

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tperez said

For grocery store type brands, Tazo’s is pretty dang good.

For loose leaf I usually mix my own, there was a thread a day or to ago about home chai recipes :)

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My favorite chai is one that is no longer available… called Masterpiece Chai from LiberTEAS. :)


Jaipur Avenue has some amazing chai mixes. The vanilla is to die for: http://www.jaipuravenue.com/

Bhakti Chai has the best concentrate I’ve ever tried: http://www.bhaktichai.com/

The Laoshan Village Chai from Verdant Tea is amazing: http://verdanttea.com/

Finally, I love the chai blends from the Chai Cart: http://www.thechaicart.com/

so…if you had to choose just one, which would it be?

and would it still be possible for at least a one-time comeback for this wonderful Masterpiece Chai? im sure many would like to at least try it again..if not stock up on it :)

btw, what other concentrates have you tried?

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Babble said

Teavana has some decent chai blends.

I’ve heard good things about Yogic Chai (http://yogicchai.com/) but have not tried them myself. They won a bunch of awards ;)

Yes, Yogic Chai is also really awesome.

I agree with yogic chai!

52 Teas makes a consistently well balanced chais.

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My favourite loose leaf is 52teas Mayan Chocolate Chai. Yum. And Tazo wins in the bagged category! They’re both nice and spicy, which is how chai should be, IMO.

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can anyone recommend a good Maté Chai?

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Although I am fond of many brands of chai, I currently have Rishi’s Masala Chai and it is quite nicely balanced.

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Lauren said

My absolute favorite is Teavana’s Maharaja Chai Oolong. A bit pricey, but sooo delicious and definitely suitable for re-steeping because it’s very strong, spicy, and fragrant.
Teavana’s White Ayurvedic Chai is also a bit expensive but good, and more on the mellow/fruity/nutty side if that’s what you prefer in a chai.

Tazo’s chai concentrate is really good, too, and found at grocery stores. Their chai in bags tastes kind of stale to me though.

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Babble said

Psst.. Teavana’s white chai is on sale for 30% off online and in store. Not sure for how long though.

Til the 28th of October. :)

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