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UPDATE-Winning Tea Now Available!!!-Butiki Teas Super Awesome Free Tea Contest

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Kittenna said

Stacy – for the second contest, do previous reviews count? Or are you looking for new reviews? I will happily go through and re-review my straight teas from you if that’s the case (Nov. 2 gives me plenty of time), just wondering either way. Also, I do not have a blog, but could potentially post things on Facebook that you and my friends could see…?

Previous reviews do count too. That’s what we are looking for with Facebook.

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I’m thinking about instituting a point system for Contest #2. What does everyone think of this point system? Does this seem fair?

Point System for Contest #2. Each 1 point counts as an 1 entry. Must be plain non-flavored teas.

Steepster Review Old-1 point each
Steepster Review Current (October 1st or sooner)-2 points each
Maximum Steepster points allowed-10
Facebook Review-6 points each (unlimited points allowed)
Blog Post-Old-5 points each
Blog Post Current (October 1st or sooner)-9 points each
Unlimited points allowed through blogposts

So, let’s say someone has 3 old Steepster reviews, 2 current Steepster reviews, 2 Facebook reviews, and 2 current blog posts. That would be 37 points, which means 37 entries.

This is not in place yet. I would like some thoughts on this first.

Babble said

The point for each blog post seems kinda high. If the steepster review maxes out at 10 total points, but 1 current blog post is only 9 points, why wouldn’t someone just make 1 blog post vs. 5 steepster entries?

I personally think it would be easier to just treat all posts at the same level. A blog post isn’t necessarily better than a steepster post. For instance, someone could have 5 active followers reading their blog but 100 followers on steepster – so the steepster post would be more substantial and be seen by more people. Why not just count everything as 1 point each? And have a max of 5 points or something to keep it fair.. Less work for you, too.

I DO think, though, that steepster posts should have a minimum – like 200 words..


I understand what you are saying but for this particular contest we are looking for only Facebook & blog posts. We weren’t looking for Steepster reviews at all; however, we made a few exceptions for people who didn’t have a blog or Facebook account. This so far has ended up disadvantaging the entries that have provided us with what we were looking for. In order to restore the balance, I think a point system is fair and will also allow more people to enter the contest. Maybe the blog posts are too high. Perhaps we could also take the limit off of current Steepster reviews. I do like having unlimited points, since it rewards entrants who do more but I do agree the posts should be substantial.

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Contest #2.
New Point System:

Each 1 point counts as an 1 entry. Must be plain non-flavored teas.

Steepster Review Old-1 point each (maximum of 5 points allowed)
Steepster Review Current (October 1st or sooner)-2 points each (unlimited points allowed)
Facebook Review-6 points each (unlimited points allowed)
Blog Post-Old-4 points each
Blog Post Current (October 1st or sooner)-7 points each
Unlimited points allowed through blogposts

Reviews must be substantial, meaning that they must be more than “this tea is good/bad”.

So, let’s say someone has 3 old Steepster reviews, 4 current Steepster reviews, 2 Facebook reviews, and 1 current blog post. That would be 30 points, which means 30 entries.

Rachel-I took some of your advice to make it a little more fair.

Kittenna said

Just for clarification: I assume that with Steepster reviews (or others), a different review for the same tea cannot count twice? Or would you count two review for the same tea, especially if one was, say, iced or cold-brewed, vs. hot?

Also, I assume that copying my own Steepster review and posting it on Facebook is not allowed? Or, I can only get points via one method? I’m not sure I’d personally want to do that anyways for various reasons, but just asking :) (I’d rather post new, unaffiliated to Steepster-me reviews on Fbook).

Kittenna said

Interesting – went through my previous reviews and discovered that I’ve reviewed 9 of your unflavoured teas, but in over half the cases, I’ve mentioned that I’ve screwed up in some manner and need to re-review! What an excellent time for me to do so…!

I would allow 2 Steepster reviews of the same tea provided there is a good amount of content in both reviews.

It would be acceptable to use the same review in different places and gain points for both. To make it more fair though, lets say you can do it for Steepster and either Facebook or a Blog but not both.

Kittenna-that’s interesting.

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Contest 1 (Update)

So far we have gotten some really cool ideas. I would love it if any Steepster people would like to share their entries.

Right now we are really lacking in the fruit and herbal entries.

I’ve chosen 3 judges so far and will be asking 2 other people. I’ll give you a little information about the judges. So far we have 2 male judges and 1 female judge. The first judge is a simple flavor person. His favorite tea is Lychee Oolong. He loves fruit flavors but doesn’t like too much going on. The second judge is very seasonal. He loves season things but enjoys a wide variety of teas. His current favorite tea is a combination of our Maple Pecan Oolong and our Pumpkin Crème Brulee. The third judge loves dessert teas. The sweeter sounding and more decadent the more she is interested. Her favorite tisane is Coconut Cream Pie Rooibos. I’m going to be asking 2 other people to be judges. One person is very edgy. She loves different sounding things and is a very unique person. She would be the first person in line to try grass flavored ice cream. The other woman I would like to ask to be a judge is a hardcore foodie, she tends to have the opposite taste as me except that she loves chocolate. I will be instructing the judges to make sure they pick a variety of teas/herbals.

9 more days until submissions are due!

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momo said

Here are my submissions to the contest!

1. A French 75 white tea with lemon peel, lemongrass, juniper berries, coriander, orange peel, and champagne flavoring.
2. A Darjeeling base with hops, ginger, coriander, and orange peel…like a cross between an IPA and a wheat bear, but in tea form!
3. A spiced tangerine chamomile with clove, cinnamon, cardamom, orange peel, and tangerine flavoring.

This is way too much fun. I thought of non-tea drinks I like and the third is inspired by a popsicle!

I think those are fantastic ideas! Really interesting and different. :)

Btw, on a different note I’ve noticed that the majority of Plain tea entries are men and so far only women have entered the Custom Blend contest.

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Scott B said

I have two or three more ideas in case any of these submissions is not feasible. I am assuming that all vegetables or fruits used would be dried and shelf stable.

Autumn Bounty-

Organic Ceylon Base
Butternut Squash
Granny Smith Apples
Mace Powder (Alterate-Nutmeg)
Vegan Buttery flavoring

Chili Papaya-

This tea has several ingredients but the habanero and papaya should be most prominent. The flavor is mostly sweet with a little savory. Garlic and ginger could be omitted to go all sweet with heat.

Nilgiri Frost Oolong base
Red Habanero Peppers
Papaya pieces
Lime Flavoring/dried lime
Mango pieces
Coconut shreds
Lotus Stamens-for thick mouthfeel
Garlic-tiny amount. could be omitted to go all sweet
Ginger-tiny amount. could be omitted.

Creamed Spinach-

Organic Mao Jian
Vegan cream flavoring
Helichrysum flowers

Wow, those are all very interesting! Clearly, you put a lot of thought into them and they are all very creative! Good luck!

Scott B said

Thanks, Stacy.

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Here is the page with our official info and this is where the poll will go when we choose the 10 teas. http://www.butikiteas.com/Contest.html

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Azzrian said

Sorry I have been too brain dead lately and just not up to par to participate but I am lurking and watching with interest!
:) Also if anyone could come up with a blend using Elderflower I would love you!

There are still 7 days left to submit an idea if you aren’t feeling up to par yet. I don’t believe I’ve seen Elderflower used yet. That would be fantastic. One of my top 10 favorite liquor drinks has Elderflower and its really tasty.

Azzrian said

I buy this non alcoholic elderflower cordial that is insanely good! I mix it with sparkling water so it tastes like an elderflower champagne! :)

That sounds delicious! and it also sounds like a great custom blend entry. Just saying. :)

Azzrian said

I entered :)

Awesome! :)

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BoxerMama said

I’m not understanding this, so I’m not going to enter. I’m not the brightest crayon in the box. lol. I’m excited to see what new tea comes out though!


Sorry for the confusion. Its basically, just come up with an idea for an awesome flavored tea, herbal, or tea blend. Email us your idea and if it ends up winning we will make the tea and send you some.

You can come up with up to 3 ideas. Your idea(s) can be as simple or complicated as you like. For instance, you can simply say I would to enter the idea of a chocolate pudding tea with a black tea base. Or you could give it more detail and say: I would like to enter the idea of a chocolate pudding tea with a Zhen Qu tea base, chocolate chips, lotus stamens for thickness. Some chocolate flavoring with a little cream and vanilla flavoring.

If you discuss what tea bases you want to use, they have to be teas that we sell.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions.


BoxerMama said

Now I feel like an idiot for not understanding. lol, that is quite clear, thank you so much. I’m going to see if I can come up with something.

Definitely don’t feel like an idiot. I put a lot of info in the contest rules and I’m sure its more complicated than it needs to be.

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Just a reminder that there are only 2 days left to get your custom blend ideas in for Contest #1.

Sil select said

No no no don’t remind ppl. More chances for those of us that have entered! :)

Hahahha. :)

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