Tea Companies that take PayPal

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Herbal Infusions Tea Co. accepts Paypal online, and if you want to call in an order (or are at our location in Burlington, ON) we can process Visa, MC, Gift Cards, and Amex!

LeafSpa Organic Tea (www.LeafSpa.com) accepts PayPal, Google Checkout, Visa, MC, Amex, Gold Bullions, Spanish Dubloons, Wampum, and Bartered Trinkets.

Lupicia takes Paypal too. :) Just FYI!

JK Tea Shop, based in Guangzhou, China, also accepts Paypal payment. We only offer high quality Chinese loose leaves teas. We have our own brand Pu Er, Peak Pu Er, which only contains the pure old tea tree from one single tea plantations.

Stephanie said

TeaSpring.com takes Paypal.

I personally prefer paypal because that is how most people pay me… so I have my money in there… I can either have my money transferred to my bank account, wait about 4 days until it credits to my account, and then use my debit card as a credit card to place an order… or I can use paypal where the money is and save myself 4 days.

Which leads me to my saying that I accept paypal too… although since I’m closing, I don’t know if that’s helpful! http://liberteas.artfire.com

SBS Teas said

SBS Teas take paypal, Visa, MC, Discover and American Express! We have found that a large number of customers prefer to use paypal. Convenience for the customer is key!

elemental said

We offer PayPal. It makes life very simple for the merchant, and we feel that it is a very secure alternative for our customers.


Hi there! we accept Paypal at www.minrivertea.com

Also, it’s bad of Paypal to make it so unclear, but you can actually use any credit and debit card through Paypal anyway.

I know PayPal is easy… but after reading stories about their horrible customer service / misinformed reps, I personally won’t use them.


The violin one is the worst. At least with Regretsy, they ended up giving donations to the families themselves. But you can’t bring back a destroyed violin.

That is kind of interesting. I’ve had my funds frozen by paypal on a routine random check at one point too. Though, they got back to me within a day or two of my email.

But man, if I had to boycott every company that connected me with an idiot rep over the phone/email… I’d be amish.

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