teajoteas said

How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

I have often wondered where I stand as a tea drinker, since I only drink about 2 cups a day. I’m guessing the average is a bit higher. What about the rest of you? Also, I live in a climate where I can drink iced tea 9 months out of the year. Do you drink tea mostly during the winter months, or does it not really matter what the weather is?

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teevogel said

Today, I only drank two mugs of tea(and two mugs or rooibos, and some water), usually I drink much more. I don’t think the seasons have much influence on how much tea I drink(though I certainly do drink more water, and therefore more liquids in total, in summer), but they do influence which teas I drink most. In winter, I drink more Chais, Assams and other strong black teas, and I think also more tisanes. In summer, more green teas, more flower-flavored or fruity teas, and maybe also more whites and oolongs.

literatea said

It’s 11:30AM, and I’ve already had 3 cups of pu’er….

teawade said

I drink around 2-4 cups daily. The temperature does affect which type of tea I drink in terms of flavor as well as hot or iced. But all in all, I drink tea all year round even though a hot cup of tea on a cold day or a ice cold tea on a hot day seems to be the best combinations for me.

Claire said

Typically I drink at least 2-3 cups a day, up to 5 or 6 if I’m home most of the day.

mrmopar said

at least 3 maybe more on the weekends.

I drink about 8 – 12 cups of tea per day. In the summer months, I drink a little less hot tea and this is replaced with iced tea. When the weather is cooler, I rarely drink iced tea. Overall, I prefer hot tea, but, when it’s hot outside, I find a glass of iced tea so refreshing.

10-12 minimum. Iced, hot, left to cool too long, whatever. I start with the most caffeinated (my mate and guayusa types), and work my way down the ladder throughout the day. Most of my “cups” are 16oz, some are a bit more, some are a bit less, but 16oz is the average size.

teawade said

Wow, that’s a lot of tea consumption. Do you usually carry tea around with out outside of home or make tea at work?

I work 12 hour night shifts, so I have a large selection of tea that I keep at work in my drawer. I have travel mugs with built-in storage for fresh leaves, but I also tend to drink oolongs or other teas I can resteep a large number of times when I go out so all I have to do is add more hot water.

Wow you guys. I drink like, 2 a day max, unless I’m sick. Something caffeinated in the morning, and decaf at night. If I have time. I like to linger over my tea, so I mostly drink when I’m in my dorm room or prepare some before I have class.

I drink too many to keep count :)

JasonCT said

4-6 a day is a good average for me

Nik select said

1-2. I need to drink more tea. =)

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