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How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

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I drink 32 oz of caffeinated tea at work and fight the urge to have more black tea when I get home. Evenings I move on to licorice tea and have 2 or 3 large mugs. I am constantly looking for decaf options but so far, I don’t like decaf black or green tea. I have two shut downs each day – no more caffeine (3-ish) and then no more liquids (10 pm). Both make me sad. I always, always feel thirsty before bed. It’s about the only time I do.
Also, tea makes me thirsty. It’s an astringent and dries my mouth out. It’s been an effortless way to get more liquids in.

I used to be like that! always thirsty even though I drank tons of liquid. Fish oil seemed to really make the difference. 3 caps/day does the trick, for me but my doc said it should be 4…
Anyhow, I wish I could drink that much tea! 32oz… ah but to dream

the astringent nature of black tea is something that keeps turning me off from it. That, and the lack of nuances in many blacks I’ve tried.

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NofarS said

Between 1 and 5 with average being 2-3 cups a day

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When I’m home all day I drink 5-7 cups. If it’s a school day (I commute), I drink up to maybe 4 only.

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Doesn’t matter what the weather is; I average about 4 pots (8 cups?) when I’m at school, but probably more like 2 cups when I’m home on break. :/

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On a normal day 6-8 mug fulls (16 oz?), but it’s not always tea. I usually steep the tea each time, but if I’m drinking a white or green tea by the 3rd or 4th cup I might as well be drinking water. Oolongs and blacks last longer. In summer I drink about the same amount, just the temperature of the water changes :p

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forsythia said

Usually up to three cups (or one pot) once in the afternoon. If I’m feeling poorly and it’s past 4pm, then a cup of something herbal and only when I’m feeling poorly. I enjoy herbals but not often.

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Kamyria said

3-4 cups on average, mostly white and green tea

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sandra said

at least 1.5 ltr. I drink tea almost non stop. I work from home and have tea and kettle at hand, so that may be the reason.
love, love my tea: red, white, yellow or green. Just no pu-ehr

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I probably drink 6 mugs (Davidstea’s ‘Perfect Mugs’ – they’re not small!!) per day……… but wondering if I should maybe try NOT to drink so much.

I should also focus on drinking caffeine free in the evenings but since tea doesn’t keep me awake like coffee does I pretty much drink whatever I feel like.

2-3 mugs in the morning at work, 1-2 in the afternoon at work, and probably 2 in the evening at home. It’s especially hard right now with all these new teas around my house tempting me!

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