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Anyone Into High-Quality Coffee?

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Has anyone ever had brewing chocolate, like this stuff here? I kind of see it as a combination of coffee and tea. It’s really interesting and kind of reminds me of that “coffee tea” mentioned above. http://shop.chocolatealchemy.com/collections/brewing-cocoa

Nik select said

Whoa. Never even heard of that, but of course now that I think about chocolate being made from a bean it makes perfect sense. I’d definitely be interested in trying it, thanks for the link!

I’ve got something called Choffy which is ground cocoa beans that you brew in a French press. It’s a light chocolate drink. Quite nice but tea is better :)

Nik select said

It’s funny you say that, because Choffy is mentioned on the Chocolate Alchemy web site. =) I’m definitely looking forward to trying it some time.

This is a very interesting idea. Never tried it or know anyone who has. I would like to be brave and try it, but I am such a brat when chocolate fails me. Like I have been betrayed by my only friend. Seriously. Better not risk it.

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hannabling said

On the go, I like drinking Starbucks VIA and Korean 3-in-1 sticks
Turkish and Greek coffee are awesome too.

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Coffee can make me so shaky that I literally can’t stand still or perform tasks requiring fine motor skills. Or even basic motor skills sometimes. Decaf coffee feels like green tea to me in terms of caffeine so that’s a bit better but I think matcha tastes better do I’ll stick with that most days. :)

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My coffee is from a plantation in Guatemala. My husband visited the plantation and tasted the coffee during his bike trip there. From then on, we stick to their coffee. It’s commissioned and roasted by a dealer in Houston, TX, better and cheaper than what I used to get from Whole Food or Trader Joe.
My current caocao for hot chocolate is from a caocao coop in Dominican Republic. They are featured in this documentary movie:
But the caocao I drink now is rather a precious gift and is not found in any store yet.
My tea… I should say it took me a lot more trouble to get my teas ;-)

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James R said

I love Intelligentsia and Alterra coffees

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Hi! Great post. We carry a few high quality coffees on our website. We are also going to be adding more soon! All of our coffees are 100% Arabica beans from different areas of the world. We focus mainly on flavored coffees but will be getting a few more unflavored ones in! Take a look at the link below… Oh and we will be having a monthly coffee club available VERY soon!


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Roland said

I’ve been a coffee geek since long before I got into tea :) A few years ago I got a job as a barista, and am now a coffee roaster (working for www.hasbean.co.uk in the UK). Specialty coffee is a whole different experience to the kind of thing you see in most cafes – for us (and most specialty coffee roasters), one of our key aims is that there be no taste of “roastiness” in the coffee we sell. Like tea, it’s also easiest to make great coffee at home – a French press or pour over coffee brewer will always be my first choice.

There are lots of great roasters in the US, both smaller and larger. I don’t follow the details I’m afraid, but Counter Culture have a great reputation – http://counterculturecoffee.com/ – and cover your area I believe.

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