Claire said

Silk Road Teas

Has anyone ordered from them recently? I noticed Silk Road has some really great deals on teas and was wondering about the quality. Can anyone speak to this? I’m especially a fan of green teas and oolongs, but the Bai Mu Dan is tempting as well.

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I live near Silk Road and frequently buy from them. I find that they are the best place in town for green tea (and green blends), I’m not impressed with their oolong or pu’ehr (though their selection is limited, and when I’ve been in they haven’t had some of the varieties on their website), there are some lovely black blends, and they’re the only place in town that has much in the way of lavender teas. Their Japanese Sour Cherry green tea is my absolute favourite!!!!

Rellybob said

@ShayneBear, I’ve also bought from Silk Road Teas but I don’t think we are talking about the same company. (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) The company I’ve bought from doesn’t have blends, just straight tea; unless they have teas they sell in their store that aren’t on their website I’ve never seen Japanese Sour Cherry from them either.
@Claire, I have their Bai Mu Dan and I like it. Also I’ve tried their oolong sampler, all of which were excellent. Their Golden Monkey black tea is delicious; the genmaicha is really good! They have many many green teas I haven’t tried, but a couple I’ve tried from them were kind of meh for me. I really like their Jasmine pearls though!

Spot52 select said

I use quite a bit. I like their greens and Mao Fung Keemun. I would recommend them.

Claire said

Thank you all for the input! Looks like I’ll be putting in a Silk Road order next month. :)

ah, I’m thinking of woops!

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