Gaiwan Question?

I have a few different Gaiwans now and sometimes it seems that some teas will taste different if used in different gaiwans (glass/porcelian). I was just wondering if any of you have noticed that or do you use certain gaiwans for certain types/kinds of teas.
EX- Will a Dragonwell taste best in a glass gaiwan or should i use the porcelain gaiwan for it???-

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I don’t own any gaiwans and have not experimented with this myself though, but from what I understand thin gaiwans and glass gaiwans don’t retain heat as well, making a better environment for green and white teas. While thick gaiwans retain heat better and should be used for oolongs and puerhs. So, your Dragonwell should taste better when using a glass gaiwan.

ashmanra said

That makes good sense, Zim! I only have one regular porcelain one that burns the crap out of me and one thick easy gaiwan that is so….easy. I really just display the burnie ones now.

mrmopar said

yixing, yixing. try them.

I was thinking about yixing, where is the best place to get a small inexpensive one online??

mrmopar said

try this guy on ebay. i am putting a link up. i have bought 5 from him. i try to get one with at least 400ml. i like a big cup. make sure it has the ball filter,this makes for a much easier pour without the tea coming through. i think my biggest one was about 22 bucks with the shipping included. you will get it on your door in about 3 days if you get one. here is an item number you can look up on ebay. 380390529470. good luck!

thank you :)

mrmopar said

you are welcome my friend! hope you find one that will suit your purpose. i really like the ones i have got from him. hope you guys are ok. still in our prayers!

thank you very much, we are ok, Lance got into some fluid overload this weekend but not too bad this time, we are still working on that but so far so good, thanks keep those prayers coming:)

mrmopar said

we will!

Thank you all :)

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