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Cofftea said

Another Samovar sale!
Get $10 off Shambhala Books

Shambhala Publications is offering Samovar customers a special, limited-time offer: For the next month save $10 on any order of $25.00 or more when you use coupon code MATCHA10 at checkout. Offer ends April 16.

Shambhala is the publisher of Kakuzo Okakura’s classic, The Book of Tea, along with many other books and audios relevant to the tea lifestyle: the works of Thich Nhat Hanh, Chogyam Trungpa, Pema Chodron, Jack Kornfield, Tulku Thondup, John Daido Loori, and hundreds more. This is a great opportunity to build your library!

Not sure where to start? Check out these books suggested by Shambhala:

The Book of Tea is a modern classic that invites the reader to discover a unique tradition that has come to symbolize the wisdom, beauty, and the elegant simplicity of Asian culture. Kakuzo Okakura celebrates the Way of Tea from its ancient origins in Chinese Taoism to its culmination in the Zen discipline known as the Japanese tea ceremony.

Stephanie said

Has this been mentioned somewhere yet?
Email from Teas Etc:

Celebrate Spring!
20% off everything and free shipping on orders of $60 or more.
Use promo code SPRING at checkout.
PLUS-we will plant a tree for each order as part or CarbonFund.org’s Million Tree Challenge.

Sale Ends Monday

Cofftea said

Take 25% off already reduced teware @ www.splendidlife.com thru 3/30 using the code TEA25

denisend said

The website you listed is wrong, the correct site is http://www.splendidlife.com

They have the ForLife Asian teacup on there, which I like for work if anyone is considering it.


Cofftea said

Thanks, I didn’t stop to spell check.

Rob Yaple said

Maybe someone already mentioned this somewhere (in which case I apologize profusely) but…

Samovar is offering free Tencha ($39 value) if you place an order for $30 or more on the site. I’ve never had Samovar’s teas so I figured now is as good a time as any plus it’s a good deal.

It says only the first 24 orders get the special, so if you are interested, check it out!

Cofftea said

It was the Steepster Select item on the 19th! I’m ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED! They still have some left!

Stephanie said

I was just browsing the reviews on Yelp and I saw this!:

Samovar Tea Delivered to You Direct: To appreciate all of our Yelp fans, we are offering 10% off all yelpers ordering online ( http://samovarlife.com ). Just use the code yelp2010.

Cofftea said

2010 First Harvest Shincha Now Available for Pre-Order…
Every year, O-Cha.com offers our customers special deals on first harvest shincha and this year is no different. The savings in this offer are not available to the public at large and we only offer this to our newsletter and Facebook subscribers.

What Exactly Is “Shincha?”
Customers often get confused by the term “shincha.” As you may be aware, there are 3 to 4 harvests of green tea per year, with the first harvest producing the most superior green tea. Regular customers also know the importance of freshness when it comes to green tea. Therefore, it would be natural to assume that the best green tea would be that which comes from the first harvest, immediately after it was harvested. In fact, fresh, first harvest green tea is available thorughout the year. Japanese green tea growers have developed methods for cold storage that allow them to release green tea from the first harvest throughout the year as needed. This is one reason why your purchases from O-Cha.com are extremely fresh – the green tea is pulled from cold storage for final processing within a very short time from when you order it, as we request it.

Green tea farmers place most emphasis on this very first harvest, and most of this is indeed placed into cold storage for release throughout the year as requested. However, a small portion of this first harvest green tea never enters cold storage – it is packaged immediately and put up for sale. This small portion is known as “shincha.” In short, all shincha is first harvest, but not all first harvest is shincha. Also important to note, there may be a shincha version of a particular green tea, and a non-shincha version of that very same tea released later in the year.

Shincha Versus non-Shincha…

There are some differences between shincha and non-shincha. For starters, it is true – shincha green tea is absolutely the freshest green tea one can buy at any time of the year as it is packaged immediately upon harvest. It tends to be bolder than it’s cold-storaged counterpart. When brewing shincha, be sure to brew it for a shorter length of time and at a slightly lower temperature. Some people prefer shincha, while others find the aged (we’re talking months) green teas placed under cold storage to be a bit more to their liking. Regardless, legions of green tea fans eagerly wait in anticipation for the release of shincha every year!

Special Offer for Subscribers ONLY!
Please visit the link below and you will find a category of shincha green teas available on a pre-order only basis. By placing a “pre-order” using the special coupon code supplied below, you will save 10% off of each item! Not only will you receive a 10% discount off of your shincha items – as a registred customer you still earn additional bonus points for later purchased which equal an additional 5% savings!

Once this year’s shincha is actually released, this offer will no longer be in effect so now is your chance to save on this once a year opportunity. By pre-ordering now, know that your shincha will be shipped the very day we receive them, directly from Japan. It simply doesn’t get fresher than that!

Important! If you wish to purchase non pre-ordered tea and whish this to be shipped immediatel, be sure to place a separate order for those teas as pre-ordered green tea will be bundled with all non pre-ordred items when placed in the same purchase.

Also note:tThe various green teas come out at slighhtly different days, perhaps even several weeks apart. If you order more than one different type of shincha, we will ship when the last item is released.

To take advantage of this offer…
1) You must be a registered user and be logged in.
2) You must use a special coupon code when checking out.
Your Special Coupon Code: shincha2010 (lower case, no spaces)

~lauren. said

Sorry for the late notice: I have a tea’s etc coupon: AMZAP – 20% off anything, the only thing is I just got it (I ordered tea’s etc off Amazon) and they sent me this as a courtesy but it ends 3/31/2010 (TODAY). Hope somebody can make use of it!

worked great for me!

~lauren. said

Oh so glad you got a chance to use it!!!

~lauren. said

I don’t know if this is still valid (no expiration date on postcard):

www. jadeteapot.com Receive 15% off your first tea order. Use coupon code “teacoupon” at checkout.

There is no expire on that coupon.

~lauren. said

I hope you don’t mind that I posted that! It’s a great coupon!

No its fine. Here is a link to the information http://www.jadeteapot.com/shop/pages.php?pageid=7

Stephanie said

I just signed up for Norbu’s newsletter yesterday and got this email:

A Little “Thank You”
As a little thank you and opportunity to try out our new quantities ordering system, please use this coupon code: “NorbuSpring10” in the coupon box in your shopping cart for a 15% discount on your next order. This coupon offer expires April 6, 2010.


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