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We’re having a 33% OFF overstock sale on over 20 teas and products over at The Georgia Tea Company. The selection ranges from Dragonwell to Berry Berry so if you haven’t had a chance to try us in the past, this is a great opportunity! No coupon needed, the teas are already marked down.


Thanks, Steepsters!
Daniel Mann

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mrmopar said

Good pricing on some Menghai Dayi items in this store on Aliexpress. The seller has sold on Ebay successfully before opening this store.

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Hey Steepsters! We’re making room for fresh spring teas, so we’ve put a bunch of Spring 2013 and Winter 2013 teas on sale – 20% off!

Umegashima First Flush High Mountain Sencha

Yunnan Mao Feng

Lots of Taiwanese Oolongs – Da Yu Lin, Li Shan, Shan Lin Xi, Ali Shan, Bao Zhong, and Si Ji Chun!

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MelissaTea said

Kusmi Tea has free shipping* until Wednesday (3/19/14) with code LUCKYGREEN.
*To U.S. – Not sure about our Canadian neighbors.

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boychik said

Harney & Sons
Free shipping on ALL orders
valid thru March 17, 2014

Oh yeah.. I really needed to know that.. Lol. Been wanting to try a few things there.

Every time they do this, I cannot resist placing another order—or two (one for my sister)… ;-)

I wish they had something between sample sizes and 4 oz.

boychik said

yep. you cant go wrong with H&S. I like their tea and teaware. But I’m coming to NYC festival this Saturday, so no order now. I’m sure i won’t be empty handed;)

boychik said

You can order 2oz over the phone and pay shipping which is minimal. You can ask them to fix you loose version if its only sachets( ex. Tower of London, Wedding Tea, etc)
If you mention that you are frequent buyer you’ll get 5% off of anything. I’ve done it before. Thank you ashmanra for mentioning it .

I called this afternoon and asked about 2 oz and the lady I talked to said she’d never heard of anyone doing that. She said that maybe the store location in New York does.

I think I’d seen you mention that before… Either I got someone that didn’t know they could do that, or they don’t anymore. I haven’t ordered anything yet, that kind of deterred me.

boychik said

I would call again. She probably doesnt know, because I’ve done it not once. You can ask to speak to someone else. Sometimes they transfer me to Mike Harney. He is very nice, pleasure to talk to, very helpful

SimplyJenW said

Yes, the tea shops sell in 2 oz increments, but they don’t do the free shipping promos that the website does. I have ordered from the Millerton Shop on many occasions.

I might try again. I had just called to check on whether or not I could do that & wasn’t ready to place an order at the time anyway. I’ll have to talk to Hubby when he gets home and see what/if he wants anything.

Maybe I’ll order the tins I was looking at.. and then get the tea from the shop if I can’t decide in time for the free shipping.

Thanks both of you for your help!

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MelissaTea said

Rue La La will have an offer from Kusmi Tea starting at 11 a.m. tomorrow. There are no details yet, but when they featured Kusmi last year, I think it was $25 for a $50 credit.

Here is my Rue La La invitation link if you’d like to check it out: http://www.ruelala.com/invite/melissatea
(If you’re wondering, Rue La La has tea offers 4 to 6 times a year and a lot of fashion and household stuff daily.)

If you already have a Rue La La account check and see if you were issued a $25 credit, they added them to some of the accounts randomly the other day. If you happen to have one that means free tea for you :)

boychik said

I just placed that order on Rue La La. i had this $25 credit. so its $50 of Kusmi free. Woohoo! Thanks for mentioning this offer, i wouldn’t buy this credit probably, but free… how can I say no!!!!

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Garret said

We have these thangs up on sale at Mandala Tea:


Best of health to each of you with loads of great joy.

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Dunno if this counts as a sale persay, but the DavidsTea website has a coupon up for a free infuser with a $50 purchase in-store only. Must present coupon to recieve infuser.
Available Mar 19th to Apr 1st.

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boychik said

Golden Moon Tea

25% Off Tippy Earl Grey promo code grey

Offer ends March 27, 2014 at 11:59pm EST

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Nicole said

There are Primula teas, cast iron tea pots and several electric kettles on sale over on home.woot until 9 am CT on 3/25.


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