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What's your number?

60 Replies

40/5/5/5/45 I drink mostly Blacks, Puerhs and Oolongs.

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Ysaurella said

75/15/0/0/10 (Black/Green/White/Herbal/Other)

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Donna A said

Other is pu-erh, oolong.Green includes flavored matcha.

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Raven said

Mine ends up about 30/10/10/30/20. Lots of flavored blacks and herbals! I included guayusa, mate and rooibos there, and pu-erh and oolong in other.

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Black: 30%
Oolong: 25%
Green: 15%
White/mate: 5%
Puerh: 10%
Herbal (chamomile, rooibos, fruity): 15%

30/15/5/15/35 going by the calc above, but I feel that Puerh should be paired with the black teas so it’d be more like: 40/15/5/15/25

We are curious about your choice to include White and Mate together. Please share!

Hmm well I don’t drink much of either one, but I do have them often enough that they deserved a mention.. and then I didn’t want to put Mate in the herbal category since it has caffeine in it. Didn’t seem right in the Other section either!

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Claire said

Here’s my ratio:

I drink a lot of oolong so “other” is my biggest category.

Alas, we should have given Oolong and Pu’erh their own slots, but it is too late for that. You are the first to drink predominantly “other.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to sourcing any quality, organic Oolongs :-(

Claire said

I feel special! ;)

I’ll keep an eye out for when you do get some oolong.

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My numbers are coming in at 20/30/5/15/30 with the standard margin of error of +/- 3%. Of course, my views on the subject are constantly evolving. ;-)

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Aw man, it’s really hard for me to sort of arbitrarily assign numbers to things, but I’ll try my best.


Mostly black and herbal. I wish I appreciated the lighter flavors more. There’s a time and a place for them, but it usually isn’t when I’m going to my 8 am class to sip something strong. I counted matcha in my other section since I don’t really think about it as green tea.

It is true that few things beat a brilliant breakfast blend in the morning, but what about your afternoons? It would be a shame if you missed out on all the green and white tea you could be drinking, right?

For some reason I rarely drink tea in the afternoon! I really should more. I have a couple greens and whites that I enjoy though _

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Zeks said

The rating system is incomplete. Putting puer and oolong or even sheng and shu in one category because they don’t have their own is just wrong.

You are, sadly, too right.

But alas, it’s too late to re-run the survey!

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steelhead said


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