What's your favorite tea family? (oolong, white, etc.)

and why? We all have to have a favorite. Mine is green because it’s always just extremely smooth, while my friend prefers oolong just because drinking something called “oolong” makes him feel artsy

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BoxerMama said

Black, it’s comforting.

CupofTree said

Black definitely. Its the most satisfying and fun because of the endless flavor combinations! I also love how black tea looks above the others and not being able to see through to the bottom of the cup.

Meeka select said

Oolong for sure. I feel like it’s kind of cheating since you have the green and dark oolongs which may as well be different types of tea sometimes. I love the complexities and the quirky flavors.

Uniquity said

Black tea – man, I love good Black tea. Roasty oolongs are pretty good too and I have a weakness for the whole herbals family, but black tea is my number one!

Babble said

Green tea! Of all the teas, it’s the one I keep coming back to. It was the tea I started on and I love how it has a nice flavor.

The only issue with it, is that it’s a more fickle tea than others. But I love it all the same :)

Claire said

Oolong is probably my favorite, with green being a close second. I love the floral and honey flavors in good oolong!

darby select said

Probably white or green for me. I use to hate Oolong but I’ve come to appreciate it. I change favorites so it just depends on my mood.

Babble said

I’m still working my way up to appreciate oolong. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s not great. It’s not wow-ing me. It’s just kinda… safe.

All of them! Though, I think I own more black teas, most of them flavored.

Green definitely. I love how there are so many with such different taste profiles. Most people just think vegetal, but there’s so much more from grassy to beany to creamy to smokey to nutty to floral to umami and so much more!

I am learning to appreciate darker oolongs and puerhs. I’m especially amazed at their flavor profiles, but they’re heavier than greens and I can be overwhelmed, especially when they can steep 20+ times!

cuppaT said

Pu-erh is my favorite, and I love the variety of flavored black dessert teas. Bottom line, though, is that I think of tea much the same way I think of music — whatever happens to fit the mood I’m in is the best!

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