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What to do for a Cracked Gaiwan???

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oooooohhhhhhh, I really like that that one, thanks Azzrian :)

Azzrian said

You are very welcome! I hope to grab one soon myself ! :)

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I asked for replacement from ESGREEN because i decided NOT to keep a broken teaset like this. ESGREEN refuse to replace it because i used it, I had to dispute on my paypal , esgreen refused that too of course so i’m waiting to see what paypal decide, I’m hoping they understand that my gaiwan was obviously cracked during shipping and the crack didn’t “show” untill after i used it. I do not think ESGREEN is being very fair at all,
I’m trying to get a replacement on the fact that it was broken they try to deny that replacement because i used it? Me using it DOES NOT change the fact that it come to me with a crack.

Azzrian said

Wow – I wonder if they realize how much more nexpensive it would be to make YOU happy and thus get orders from the rest of us! Replacing your broken item would increase their sales as now I won’t be ordering from them, before I would have.

I think they really just don’t care at this point, if they did care they could have already made it right and just replace it, all I really wanted replaced in the first place was the Gawain but now all of this dispute crap with PayPal, they could have fixed it easy. I informed ESGREEN that I’m not the only one waiting to see what becomes of all of this.

This saddens me. I have tried a couple of their teas so far, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried but, knowing that someone is having a difficult time with their customer service … this always taints my feelings of a company. I don’t like it when I see examples of poor customer service, especially when there are so many companies out there that offer such excellent service.

I hope that they will see the error of their ways soon!

Sil select said

Man. Things like this make me so sad. Always start with the customer experience in mind…most people are reasonable and a little will go a long way. Hopefully this will get resolved in the right way tommy.

Claire said

I’m sorry to hear they’re giving you so much trouble, Tommy, and I’ll be staying away from ESGREEN.

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I really enjoy their teas also that’s the reason they got my business in the first place ya know. I just don’t understand why they are being unreasonable about this, I was going to have more purchases with them in the future because I liked their teas and this set so much but I honestly don’t want to have to do THIS all over again. I don’t think ESGREEN realizes that if they just sent me a replacement I would be happy to keep ordering from them OR IF they would have just given a refund easily from the start that I would have turned right back aroud and just gave it right back to them for another set, they didn’t think that far ahead tho. I really just wanted a replacement and thats all :( Live and Learn I guess. I’m sorry i be a crybaby on here this just really sux

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I did not mean to be cruel or anything of the sort to ESGREEN with these posting, I wanted just to let people know what I was going through with them in hopes that they would see that other people also know what is going on and maybe just maybe they would change their minds and give me a replacement that is all, I’m sorry to those whose think I was being disrespectful or mean to anybody else, that is never ever my intention :(

Claire said

I don’t think you were being mean or disrespectful at all! Individual experiences with vendors are important, and I think it helps our tea community to get information like this.

Azzrian said

You never came off that way at all.

cuppaT said

I don’t see how anyone can you accuse you of being mean, Tommy. Your initial posts seemed to indicate that you were even willing to compromise on the cost if the company could find you a similar replacement. They, however, do not appear to want to compromise — much less do the customer-friendly thing and send you a close replacement gratis, or a refund. Too bad they don’t realize how many reward$ they could reap with just one good deed.

Thanks you all, I never like to complain about things cuz i don’t wanna feel like I’m being rude or mean but sometimes ya gotta say something ya know :)

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At least Paypal finally said I could get a refund, I just have to ship it back to Esgreen at my own expense, I know one thing, I will NOT be ordering from Esgreen again after all of this, LIVE AND LEARN, Anyways Happy Day to you all :)

Azzrian said

I THINK that Paypal has their own policies aside from Esgreen. Meaning PAYPAL wants you to send it back regardless of what Esgreen says. PAYPAL is going to refund your money and that means they take it back out of Esgreens account wether they like it or not but to protect themselves you have to send back the item.
If you are still confused call paypal – believe it or not they actually DO answer their calls. They are located in Omaha Nebraska.
Also if you go to paypal and sign in and go to contact us, and get a number assigned to you when you call and enter that number – your call will get expedited and things will go more easily as they will know what you are calling about.
But yeah they just lost a lot of biz! (Esgreen that is)

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ashmanra said

This isn’t a solution, but I thought it was fascinating!


That is awesome!

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