New yixing teapot from teavivre

I just got my new zisha yixing teapot in the mail today and wanted to give my first impressions and answer any questions people might have. It is a really nice size and shape, I like the look of it a lot. It had a slightly potteryesque smell right out of the box with no hint of plastic or chemical smells. I seasoned it right away for shu puerh and it gained a slightly darker shine. I am using it right now and I have noticed the teas are much less punchy and slightly lighter (probably from some of the flavor being absorbed) After a seal is made with the lid covering the top hole will generally stop the flow in a matter of seconds and if you cover the spout the lid sticks on upside down when filled with water. So far it’s a great teapot and I can’t wait to continue it’s use.

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tperez said

Good to hear! I also ordered one from them about a week and a half ago, and I’m already itching for it to arrive lol. :) How long did yours take to come?

I ordered mine September 30th and it just arrived today so it was a pretty long time, but you have to remember that chinese holiday was from the first to the sixth so It wasn’t sent to the post office until October sixth. It was well worth the wait

mrmopar said

super nice! be careful on the pour i had to learn “how to” on one like this just take your time pouring. you will enjoy this pot be sure to season it.

I seasoned it before the first use. I’m sorry, but I’m not quite sure what you mean by when you say be careful on the poor. Care to elaborate?

mrmopar said

the pouring from the yixing. i had to learn to pour it out slowly so it would not leak from around the lid.i guess i was in too much of a hurry to get the tea into my cup!

Oh I see. This pot does have a fairly long pour but the seal on the lid is good so I can invert it and it doesn’t drip at all

tperez said

Eek! Mine finally came! SO. CUTE. :D


How do you like it and what kind of tea are you seasoning it for?

tperez said

I’m using mine for shu too. So far I love it! The tea definitely tastes smoother compared to my gaiwan. It seems to be made very well too, though I don’t have any other yixing to compare it to

tperez said

It’s very lovely. I like the last picture you have there, it’s so dark and lustrous that it almost looks like some sort of thick sauce was poured on it! I was thinking of getting this one sometime in the future for sheng puerhs.

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