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teas for asthma relief

Hey everyone! I am hoping to get some feedback on what teas help relieve asthma symptoms- I’m desperate! Thanks for your input:)

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Pithy said

Tea is not medicine, you should see a doctor or an herbalist

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Thank you so much for your concern. I have been seeing countless doctors for a number of years. I know that tea does NOT replace medicine. I am currently taking about ten different prescriptions for my asthma, but was hoping someone would be able to suggest some teas to simply soothe my breathing issues. Thanks for your help and good day

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Harfatum said

My mom started giving me black tea when I was 3 because the doctor thought it might help a little bit with my asthma, which was quite serious at the time. It’s very mild most of the time now. I’m not entirely sure if the tea helps, but I do often notice myself productively coughing more after I have a nice strong black tea – I still take it with milk and sugar. I’m not sure which way the causality goes, so I can’t be sure it’s helping, but I’d guess that it is.

Cofftea said

Dairy is bad for coughs unfortunately as it produces phlegm.

Harfatum said

I’m pretty sure that’s disputed. In any case, I know it’s not what’s going on here. I don’t use all that much milk in the tea, maybe 10%, and I don’t really even notice a link with mucus when I drink a cup of milk.

In any case, plain white tea gives me the same effect, and often even stronger.

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Thanks for your input. I have been drinking Breathe Deep by Yogi Teas, but it doesn’t seem to help much. I’ll have to try other black teas.

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Spot52 select said

I do not know of any true tea that is supposed to help with asthma. But I do know that Rooisbos and Alfalfa are supposed to be good for allergy relief. (this is relevant because my asthma is allergy related, I have no clue if yours is) But I do not depend on tea for my total allergy relief.

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Asthmatic myself since childhood (now healthier to the point where I don’t take a daily med) – I have to point out that it isn’t “tea” that will specifically help, it’s caffeine that eases the symptoms. It creates a temporary adrenaline “rush” that keeps inflammation down, but it’s only temporary and won’t ease symptoms if you’re already in extremis. Ted Roosevelt was known to drink coffee for his asthma on his doctor’s orders, back before we had corticosteroids and synthetic adrenaline available.

There are teas higher in caffeine and comparable to coffee if you’re not a coffee fan. Maté is a good alternative and is one of the higher-caffeine choices. Find a type of tea that you enjoy and let it brew strong on the first steep.

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My local Herb Lady has often suggested several teas for several issues. Breathing issues was one…minty things help – Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, etc. Yogi, Traditional Medicinals, are two brands that come to mind…but yes, I would seriously talk to a Herb Expert and be upfront with him/her as to which medicines and prescriptions you are taking because some may interfere/interact with certain ones…they will be able to tell you which is best…

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denisend said

A friend of mine swears by mullein (which she sometimes sells in her etsy shop as a tincture). She says that she’s been able to decrease her use of her inhaler since she’s started taking mullein.

Of course, I would strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor or pharmacist before trying this (or any) herbal remedy!

(Oh, and my friend’s esty shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/omshanti – she doesn’t appear to have any in stock atm, but you could always convo her if you’re interested to see if she has any. She’s a delight, and I LOVE her body scrubs).

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