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PlenTEA 'O' Humor

For those of you who have never read anything I’ve written, I like humor. For those of you who have … you know better, why are you still here?

Post your tea related funnies here.

I’ll kick it off with a meme.


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K S said

Where is the like button. lol

Em said

Definitely Jedi!

Jedi would be perfect for handle-less cups!

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So this is what the hubbub was all about.


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Sorry I think I posted this in another thread.

How Certain Substances Affect the Aging Process


Now we all know it’s from all that Earl Grey tea!

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How Tea Cup Changed China’s History

I love Stephen Fry. <3

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Serenity said


By the way, if you watch the music video for the original song, please do NOT drink tea at the same time. Hysterical laughter + hot tea….beware!

Here it is for those of you who are like, “huh??” and others who want a weird walk down memory lane. No offense to Lionel Richie, what a great voice, but I can’t help laughing at how dated this video looks and ewww creepy stalkerish vibe that would just not fly today, amiright??

IKWYM, My kids call ‘Every Breath You Take’ by the Police ‘The Stalker Song’.

Serenity said

Dixie that is so funny! I

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This video came out a while ago, but it is FANTASTIC! It is seven minutes long, but definitely worth the watch, although it gets really good around the 4:20 mark. Tea time will never be the same again!


Em said

That was AWESOME!

I know! I love Alan Rickman, and the video is just perfect! I’m glad you liked it!

I love this. Now in real time: http://youtu.be/Ks4dUaX-uyM

Now I must watch him in ‘Sense and Sensibility’!

Em said

Love it! I agree with you Dixie_Amazon. I know what I’ll be watching this evening.

sculdy said

Yes! I loved this too!

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I just spotted this the other day and when I saw this topic, I knew I had to share:)

Big Bang is a lot of fun!

Sare said

I love Sheldon lol

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I bet everyone here can relate to this one! I know that I can!



Em said

Every day.

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Kiwi Tea Humor

I like how he has a nice jacket on, but no pants!

Serenity said

I’ve been obsessed with New Zealand for ages!

I love Dai! Hadn’t seen these before. Thanks for the laughs Dixie!

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