3rd Annual 12 Teas of Christmas from 52Teas - Pre-Order NOW.

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cuppaT said

GAAAA!!! I can’t believe I just ordered yet another collection of teas! This will be my first 52 Teas order, and I’m only doing it because of your great recommendations of Frank and his products. If my husband ever divorces me, Steepster will surely be named as a co-respondent.

(Contributing to my fear is the fact that I’ve not yet ordered from David’s Tea either…)

Azzrian said

Between David’s and 52 Teas – 52 Teas is the CLEAR winner but that is just my opinion.

Uniquity said

On this I’m a bit of a dissenter, I don’t find the quality is there for 52Teas especially for the price, but everyone has their own tea loves. : )

momo said

I would take the Advent Calendar over this box this year, but that’s just because I think I bought most of the popular teas this year. Compare that to last year, where I did not even know 52teas existed until the end of June, so a lot of them were new to me.

If I hadn’t had either I don’t even know what I would do, sorry hahahaha. I think I would take this box first again though.

cuppaT said

Right. So now I have to order the Advent Calendar as well, in order to find out which company better suits my tastes (and with my Gemini sun there probably won’t be a clear winner). AND if the Advent Calendar teas come in those little tiny tins again I’m… totally… doomed.

Uniquity said

Lol @Cuppa. Part of my issue with 52Teas is that when I find a flavour I like (there were a handful) I can’t restock them! I don’t mind it most of the time as I rarely enjoy the flavours enough to re-purchase, but when I love it, it drives me nuts to not be able to get more. I hope you have much better luck than I did! : )

Babble said

To add to the confusion, Della Terra Teas also has their own 12 days of christmas box for the same price. So, if you really wanted to go crazy with teas, you could..

Sil select said

Uniquity – that’s part of what is steering me more and more towards not picking up 52 teas. While i love enjoying a tea and experiencing it, I also want to be able to re-stock it if i truly loved it. If i can’t do that, then there’s less of a rush to order it in the first place.

Dustin said

I have that issue too! My three favorite Teavanna teas have been discontinued. I’ve been left before and it hurt. I just don’t know that I can open myself up to a new tea that I know isn’t going to stick around for me. Then again… I am a bit of a tea whore. Oh decisions!

I ordered mine last night – sounds like fun!

I would. But I’m always nervous that coconut will turn up more than once. Plus I’m involved in a 12 days swap already AND I promised my husband I would go easy on the tea ordering for a bit. As he reminded me Christmas is coming. So perhaps he will be sending one my way. :)

BoxerMama said

The 12 days swap is keeping me from ordering this as well. I’ve visited the page 3 times today and debated it though.

Babble said

This is my strategy too. I’m hoping I can convince the BF to buy it for me so it won’t count as a tea purchase from me. Lol.

BoxerMama said

LOL! Good call!

What you do is you order it, and then you give it to the significant other to give to you for a gift. LOL That’s what I did with the “Let it Tea” T-Shirt that Woot offered a while back. haha!

Even better plan!!

52teas said

That or just post a link to it on your Facebook feed with the caption: Hint, Hint, Hint.

runreadtea said

Well I just HAD to order one. For any including dairy I will pass along to another tea lover :)

Azzrian said

:) I know that “HAD to” feeling … enjoy it!

I ordered mine! I’ve only tried 3 52teas blends so far, enough to tell that the tea is good quality and a lot of fun, but not enough that I’m worried about already owning or having tried many of the blends. I figured I have nothing to lose by ordering the box! Can’t wait!

I have never ordered from them…. so conflicted right now!! Does anyone know how the 12 teas are packaged?

Uniquity said

Last year each one was in a small individual paper (with plastic/foil lining?) envelope, with the label identifying the flavour on the inside so it was a surprise when you opened it. The disadavantage was that they weren’t resealable, so it was hard to retain the sample, but I remember reading that he is upping the sample size quite a bit this year so it might be done differently. There were also some issues with the envelopes not having sealed properly, but that was an occasional problem.

Kittenna said

Got my roommate on board, so we’re going to split one! Extra fun for half the price :D I’m excited!

Even better to have someone to share your 12 days with! I’m making my partner participate whether she likes it or not :P but glad to hear your roommate was willing ;)

I ordered mine this morning, couldn’t resist! I haven’t tried much from 52teas so they should all (or mostly) be surprises. I’m still on the fence about the DavidsTea one since I’ll probably have already tried most of the teas in their advent calendar. But seriously whomever thought of putting tea in advent calendar form is my favouritest ever.

Em said

I love the idea of sharing this with someone. It makes drinking tea even more wonderful. Thanks for the idea!!

teataku said

Sadly, I may not be able to afford it before it sells out! Slow down, people! I’ll have money soon… :(

Jillian said

Got mine – hopefully it won’t get stuck in customs until Dec 20th this year.

Uniquity said

Ouch! Wishing you better tea luck than that!

Seriously, what is it about tea being tagged as some sort of drug cartel-like threat to national security?
Nothing takes longer to cross the border at customs than tea does.
Hope you have better luck this time!

Raritea said

I caved! Just ordered mine. I decided to get this one instead of the one from David’s Tea as I have tried a large selection of their teas but have yet to try anything from 52teas. I am so excited!! Here’s to hoping that me and all of my Canadian friends will get their package safe and sound across the border.

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