Babble said

Brace Yourselves... Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming!

I wanted to get this thread started so we can start talking about the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday tea deals. There were a ton last year and I’m hoping we will see some good ones this year too. My tea budget is ready!

In addition, do any retailers maybe wanna give us a sneak peak at some of the Black Friday deals you may be offering, perhaps?

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ohhhh I wonder if this will carry over to Canadian purchases! Pay day is Thursday!!

Sil select said

tattoooed – with most of the companies based in the US i suspect we’ll see a bunch. I’ve never seen a retailer refuse to allow non us residents to take advantage of sales. :) (suppose there’s always a first time for everything)

Babble said

Yeah, I don’t think any retailer in the US will deny anyone outside, either. Just like I don’t think any Canadian companies will deny any US person any Boxing Day specials.

teajoteas said

Sil, I know you will be very happy with this…we will definitely open our Black Friday/Cyber Monday to Canada, especially now that we are all set to ship there!

Great idea, Rachel! Maybe we could make this the official list of black friday/cyber monday deals when the time comes! It would be a nice resource!

Babble said

Hey… Maybe. It depends on how much discussion we have going on in this thread. It might even be buried before then. We’ll have to see. I was hoping we could get some insight though, from retailers especially, on what deals we can expect so we can start saving our hard earned tea pennies.

Donna A said

Samovar has 15% off all black teas for the entire month of November. Code is blacknov

Don’t forget about Small Business Saturday! :)

Babble said

Well technically a lot of the tea businesses are small businesses, so if you buy from them you can hit two birds with one stone!

I like this one!

We will be doing a Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

Sil select said

Woot woot! Cause I totally need more from you lol

Wooo hooo. Maybe I will finally get my first order through.

Kittenna said

Uh oh….

Sil select said

Kittenna…drink some of your damn tea first! lol

Babble said

“drink some of your damn tea first!”

I think that can apply to a lot of us Steepsters :-p

Sil select said

Rachel – that’s true..however SOMEONE keeps talking about having boxes all over the place and not knowing what’s in half of them… So unless she’s dropping some off at my place grin (my cupboards just over 100…hers is closer to 500)

Helena said

oooh deals on tea.. there goes the paycheck :D

Helena said

Butiki Teas posted there sale info for the weekend on the website :D I’m stuck deciding between the eggnog day or guayusa day…

We will be having a sale Black Friday weekend!

Just checked out your website for the first time your selection is impressive!

Hi The DJBooth—thanks! Hope you saw the Thanksgiving / Black Friday weekend deal we are having! From now thru Cyber Monday, receive 30% off your purchase of $30 or more, using promo code MAHA30STEEP at! Offer valid thru 11/26/12. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion.

As part of our Being in the World mission, Mahamosa donates 50% of after-tax net profits to charitable causes including hunger, poverty, environment, clean water, animal/natural life welfare, and other causes. Your support of our company helps set a higher business standard for global social and environmental responsibility.

We have tea inspired products on our online tea shop atm:* Currently the promo is Free Shipping On Orders Over $39! Use Code: STANDARDSHIP By the time Black Friday arrives, there shall be a new promo :)

I’ll use this thread as a ref. for when the time comes to find out about other companies’ deals as well!! Thanks.

We will be doing a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. Make sure to follow us on facebook to get a sneak peak on the sales.

Kiaharii said

Oooh yay!

Babble said

Just got an e-mail for Yogic Chai – they are doing a black friday sale of 40% off tea, but here’s the catch, you have to preorder by Nov 15 to get the deal and it will ship on Nov 25. After that it’s only 25% off their tea.

Code: bkfriday12

Never ordered from them but have heard very good things about them and their shipping is pretty reasonable too. For those who have ordered, any suggestions?

Alphakitty said

Their genmaicha chais are amazing, especially the lemongrass! I ordered that and the coconut kukicha from the sale, but pretty much you can’t go wrong with Yogic.

Babble said

Thanks for the recommendations. I will have to check those out! I was looking at the herbal ones, too.

I really love Yogic Chai … Any of the chai blends that look intriguing to you, I highly recommend. They really have an excellent blend of spices. It’s one of the “simpler” chai blends (that is to say, they don’t have a lot of extra spices in the blend), but it’s just precisely tuned, I think, to produce a very delicious and flavorful cup.

Em said

Just ordered my first Yogic Chai. Looking forward to trying it. Thank you for sharing!!

Ordering some right now. So excited to get it I love a good chai :-)

Babble said

Has anyone heard anything about their orders yet? I haven’t heard about it being shipped.

Em said

I was just thinking the same thing. When I went to their website, under status it says processing. It’s been a few weeks of processing :(

Babble said

Mine is processing too. I sent them an email. I’m sure they are busy with black friday still. Hopefully I’ll hear something by the end of the week. I’ll post an update if I hear anything.

Em said

Just received this response:

Hi Emily, all pre-paid Black Friday orders started processing and shipping yesterday. We are processing them in the order that they were received.

We don’t have any blends on stock. We blend them based on each order to ensure the freshness of the botanicals used.

The rest of the orders we still have pending will be shipped between tomorrow and Thursday.

Thank you for your understanding

Ricardo @ Yogic Chai

Babble said

LOL – I got the same message too. Okay. Good to know they are working on it :)

Babble said

My Yogic Chai order shipped today. Yay!

Em said

Mine too :) I find it strange that it took them so long. I’ve gotten several orders I placed at a later date from other companies. Not really a big deal, but they probably should communicate more. Excited to try it though!!

Alphakitty said

Mine shipped too! I think they must have just had more orders than they anticipated, and since they mix everything to order it must have been a real handful. Given the deep discount, I’m fine with the shipping time!

Jaz said

This tread is a great reminder!! I never even considered this to be an option!

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