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Brace Yourselves... Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming!

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teajoteas said

This is our first one, so we’re going over the top with at least 45% off! If I’m in a really good mood, I’ll bump it to 50% off! I think we’ll call it Black Weekend and have it go from Friday thru Monday. Details to follow soon here and on FB.


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Babble said

A pre-black friday sale if you will:
Harney and Sons (Nov 12 – Nov 15)
10% off purchase with code: PUMPKIN

I’m wondering if they’re going to do something bigger for Black Friday, though..

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I am very excited about the upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday to unveil some incredible new finds. I just got back form China a day ago, and had the chance to try three brand new kinds of tea that have never been tasted in China or the west from my framer friends in Laoshan, and a friend in Henan. You can look forward to those going up over the sale weekend in the limited quantities I was able to acquire. They will be unveiled at a special discount to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the cutting edge of tea innovation, and give me an excuse to support the farmers new projects.

We will also be unveiling a second tea of the month club program, limited at first to around 30 subscribers on a first come first serve basis. The new program exists apart from our current tea of the month, and is a chance to try 3-4 totally un-importable teas each month. I will be getting just a few pounds of tea so far our of the normal retail price range that I would be otherwise unable to share them. Since I will be buying small quantities, it is the most feasible way to offer such teas in terms of convincing the farmers to part with them, and in knowing ahead of time how much is needed.

Possibile teas in the subscription include Qilan Wuyi oolong from Master Bi of Yi Yan Chatang, Sparrow’s Tongue Laoshan Green, wild-picked pu’er from the 1990’s, etc. This will be offered on Black Friday, and I expect the program to fill up within 24 hours.

Besides new unveiling of product, we will likely be offering discounts and or gift vouchers. I will post the full details as soon as I have it all set in stone.
Thanks so much! Your support is going to let me go into 2013 funding brand new kinds of tea, a center for literacy in Jimo China, and help a very good friend by funding her tea bar in Xiamen to fulfill her lifelong dream. So many great projects!

Sounds like I will be buying more for myself this year than for anyone else! But in a way I am buying for all those starting up new projects and trying news things overseas!

Azzrian said

LOL Zim! I wish I could partake but too many medical expenses coming up along with Christmas and my daughter’s 18th. Unless my fairy God Mother drops some cash in my lap I will have to pass but I can’t WAIT to hear from everyone what they get and discover!

It’s all that Red Leaf matcha you’ve been buying!

Great to hear it, David. Based on last years creative incentives you offered to entice us to partake of your wonderful teas, and based on what you posted above, I am very excited to see what new things you will have to offer us on Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

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Tealet is excited for the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday weekend. We will also have some giveaways for all the tea lovers out there. Check out our site throughout the weekend (http://www.tealet.com/), or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the first scoop: https://www.facebook.com/Tealet and https://twitter.com/tealettea

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Cedes said

Someone was looking for this, so bumping it up.

Sil select said

thanks! I was trying to bump it for them and couldn’t find it!

Babble said

Don’t worry. I was trying to find the "You know you’re obsessed with tea " thread forever until I realized the title is “You know you’re ADDICTED to tea”.. oy!

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Babble said

Do companies usually wait until the day OF black Friday to reveal their specials? A few companies said they are doing deals, but I only know of one for sure that already said exactly what their deal will be.

How did this work last year?

Verdant sent out a newsletter on Friday saying what is coming. Here is the link for the Black Friday specials.


teajoteas said

I really like Verdant’s story. It’s very similar to ours, and I totally can relate to the “typical sourcing process” steps outlined on their website.

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teajoteas said

We just sent out an email giving customers a sneak peek…reducing our free shipping minimum purchase to $25. The rest we will reveal before Wednesday.

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We will be posting our Thanksgiving/Black Friday deal on Wednesday. Also, sign up for emails at www.teabar.com to get offers emailed to you!

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We have just launched a new site called www.UniqTeas.com where you can blend your own tea, add a name and description, even add your own artwork. We’ll print up your artwork on a 6" tall tin and you can have your own custom tea in a tin. Great for gifts too.

We’ll be offering a 50% off sale on Black Friday and you get a free teaball with your first order.

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We will be doing a Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, as well as, Cyber Monday sale.

Black Friday…
save $5.00 off $35.00, coupon code:season5
save $10.00 off $60.00 + FREE sample, coupon code: save10

Small Business Saturday…
10% off entire cart, coupon code: lovetea

Cyber Monday
$4.95 shipping on ALL orders

December 17th – another exciting deal. Stay tuned!!!

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