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Brace Yourselves... Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming!

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I know Garret posted this on the main discussion board, however for those that may have missed it:

MandalaTea.com Week of Pu’er

Hey there, Steepsterites! Heads-up that we at MandalaTea.com are happy to announce that we will feature most of our private label pu’ers for the days of 11/23-11/29. We have discounted these teas as way of expressing our gratitude to our many customers. All of the leaf used in our ripe and raw pu’ers is always selected by us directly, much of it being purchased directly from the farms we visit in China. We have several new pressings in the works, both ripe and raw and will soon be opening a new retail/wholesale shop in Rochester, MN! Thank you so much for all of your support!!

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Our Black Friday sale is up and running!

Check us out at www.drinkteaves.com – make sure to apply the 30% off coupon code: “black” during checkout. Also, all orders over $25 will receive free shipping!

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Hanajibu said

My favorite deal. So much tea for so little money. Great for getting started. I love your site, it is extremely elegant.

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KaiMatcha said

KaiMatcha is proud to offer 20% off and free shipping on all Black Friday purchases. Use coupon code, BLACKFRIDAY.

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Grace said

I saw this on reddit


Free 2012 menghai hongyun if you order 50 dollars by Sunday

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Josie Jade said

Does anyone know if David’s Tea is offering any specials? I know they’re a Canadian company, but here’s to wishful thinking.

Cavocorax said

Does anyone know if DavidsTea ever has tea discounts? Either before Christmas or Boxing Week? I’d like to buy some but would rather stock up during a sale.

momo said

All I’ve ever seen them do is have the option for the colored tins as the free tin for a couple days next month, the 2 for $30 perfect tea mugs, and the free 50g with a $20 purchase. There was one with a free jar of honey but they ran out of it quickly, so who knows what they’re going to do next, honestly it doesn’t even seem worth trying to wait for something since I have also learned with them that waiting means being let down.

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momo said

nothing from davidstea according to their facebook page except for the empty promises of future sales. too bad many non-US companies are having sales and they’re definitely losing out. my birthday is this weekend so I’m feeling flooded with cash to spend but only one company so far has made me feel like I need to use it :/ (underneath it all this may be a good thing, haha)

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It’s on 10% off Everything on www.iHeartTeas.com and www.Etsy.com/shop/iHeartTeas thru Sunday or until supplies run out. Use Coupon Code: HAPPY10OFF

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!

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Anna said

Just saw Tiesta Tea posted that they are having a 50% off sale. I have always wanted to try their teas. Guess now is my chance :)

Alphakitty said

Apparently they don’t ship to my state (NY). ;~; They had 2 teas I really wanted to try that I could have snagged for $6. Hoping it’s just a glitch that gets fixed soon, since no state seemed to work correctly.

Anna said

You should comment that on their facebook page. Their coupon code wasn’t working last night so I let them know. They said it’s fixed now.

Anna said

I just tried to do NY and it let me proceed with the order. Maybe you can try the order again and see if it works? :)

Alphakitty said

Oh yeah, it’s working now! Snagged Fruity Pebbles and Almond Nut Cream for $6 with free shipping, not a bad deal at all.

Anna said

Not at all. I’ve wanted to try their tea for a while. I need to place my order, but I keep reading more and more about the teas and my cart keeps timing out and emptying. Gotta stop reading and just order :)

Not getting free shipping… is it supposed to be ?

yyz said

This is an old thread from previous years, check out the most recent Black friday and miscellaneous sale to find current info.


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this is probably a total newbie thing, but i’ve only ever weighed tea out in grams and i SUCK at converting. i checked a couple of ounces-grams converters, and it’s saying that 5 ounces is over 100 grams. (i use roughly 6 grams per cup)
which means that the mountain tea co’s sale is fairly ridonculous. halp?
(please don’t laugh at the new kid. too much.)
(if tea really IS that cheap down there, BRB packing my bags!)

Kittenna said

I think 28g is 1 oz.? So 4 oz. is roughly (a bit more than) 100g. So 5 is definitely more.

ssajami said

5 oz is 140 grams (the conversion is 1 oz = 28 grams), so yes, 5oz for $5 is an amazing deal.

Oh, and no one laughs at newbies here :) or at anyone else, for that matter. Welcome!

anodyne said

Google has a calculator/mass converter (and lots of other things) implemented into their search. I get confused with the oz/grams thing too… I just open up google and convert right in the search bar. Try “5oz to g”. Also, I absolutely love Mountain Tea. They’re great!

Alphakitty said

I ended up going for that deal too, the price was just too good to miss! Mountain Tea has some of the nicest oolongs I’ve tried, definitely well worth the price.

that’s crazy! i pay roughly $15 for 100g of some oolongs, a couple are even $20-$40!
eyes credit card

i have TieGuanYin in my cart but am having a bit of a crisis. i work in a tea shop already (a.k.a. staff discount!), and this is going to be $11 total. i’m having a hard time justifying it. /bites lip/

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