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Davids Online Exclusives

Heyo Everyone,

So I have a local DavidsTea where I usually go to smell, taste, and buy tea all the time. I don’t order from them online since I moved close to one because I don’t see the point in paying the shipping. However, me and a few friends are ordering advent calendars because we are afraid they will sell out here, and I am thinking of adding 50 grams of an online exclusive to my order. Any suggestions? I wanted to try Moms Apple Pie but it isn’t back in stock yet, so I’m looking for other options.

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Cherry Blossom and Strawberry Rhubarb crumble are pretty amazing

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Calla said

I am equally excited for the Advent Calendar… basically going to try and go to David’s tea when it comes out that day and get it… lol. I sadly cannot buy online due to the no credit card thing… which sucks. I hope I can get mine;.

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Lynxiebrat said

It’s fun making my own calender, I’m Pagan so I put all sorts of Paganish stuff on it. And of course glitter! lol.
Mmm that Apple Pie one sounds delish.

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darby select said

I vote for Southern Belle

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Uniquity said

White Tiger is a really good one, I didn’t even know that was Online only.

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@darby I was thinking Southern Belle, but its so hard based on Steepster reviews which ones are the best! I was also looking at getting some perfect pear (which I’ve had before) or some Hot Toboggan because someone I know likes it. Such a tough choice!

momo said

Maybe this will help you re: Southern Belle. Have you had any other of the teas with stevia leaf? That one has to be the strongest with it. I don’t mind stevia at all, but I could not deal with that tea.

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Lindsay said

The ayurvedic teas are good, I recommend those if you’re looking for soothing herbal blends. Alpine Punch is back for the winter collection, but I keep a stock of that stuff all year long since DT offered it as an online exclusive. Apres-Ski was kind of nasty. Three Lemon Green is fantastic. Organic Strawberry White is good, but I wonder how old the batch is, or if it’s been refreshed for online exclusivity. Pink Flamingo is really good.

Just buy them all!

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I want to try cherry potion sooooo bad.

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Erin said

I love Brazillionaire and Jungle Juju love Alpine punch too (and like Lindsay i keep a stock all throughout the year). The new winter teas sound delish! Oh and Kiwi’s Big adventure is good :)

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I love forever nuts. Although I think you can get that in store. It steeps up pink!

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