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Wonks said

Samovor Wabi Sabi alternative...

Hey guys, I want to get a new pot and absolutely have my heart set on the now discontinued Wabi Sabi pot from samavor. It was 12oz And looked great. I remember there being a clone (obviously the same pot) somewhere else…. does anyone know what I’m talking about and who sells it?

I’m not sure if anyone on here remembers the samovor pot, but if you don’t and have a suggestion for a similar 12oz-ish pot… I would love suggestions. If you have said samovar pot and are up for a swap let me know too.

Thanks guys!

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tperez said

I think it was the Rishi tea tsuki teapot (unless I’m thinking of the wrong pot)

Which seems to have been out of stock for a while, maybe the supplier/maker of the pot is no longer producing them?

Strangely it looks like you CAN get the pot with their jasmine tea gift set though… :?

Wonks said

That’s it! Thanks a bunch! I would think that they’ve stopped making them. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and just order it with undesirable teas :/.

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Yeah the Wabi Sabi is the best tea pot that I own. I dont even use my Sorapot. But yes Rishi has the same pot, and it think it is a few bucks cheaper too. Last year during december they had it heavily discounted if you could wait till then.

Wonks said

Super jelly that you have a sorapot. I went ahead and got the set…. it seemed like it was my last resort and was worried they’d sell out of the combos. I’m slightly concerned about getting screen clogs…. but I suppose I’ll deal.

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Chandan said

I emailed them a month ago about this actually, and they said they were going to get some new ones in stock but they were going to be in different colors.

Wonks said

I ended up just getting one from Rishi. I don’t know how I’d feel about a color variant…. the simplistic design is what drove me towards it in the first place. I’m sure they’ll surprise me though.

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