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Your Tea Routine?

So I find that i definitely have a routine when it comes to my sipping habit. I start the day with a mate, maybe chai guarana, or very ocasionally a rooibos. I tend to follow that up with one more cup of those three, then switch to greens and whites throughout the afternoon, ocasionally with a rooibos or black tea. Then when I get home I tend to brew one really strong black tea before switching to rooibos or herbals.
All told, I think I average between 8-10 cups a day thought as we get busier at work I think that will start to decrease. Not as much time to sip when I have to SELL ALL THE THINGS!!!!
What about you guys?

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I tend to prefer to start and finish my day with a cup of tea. The process of brewing tea is very soothing and the act of drinking tea is something I like to really really focus on; it feels like a yoga of sorts to me. That said it REALLY depends. In the morning I like something very bright and in-your-face, like an orange spice, a strong black tea or a fruity green tea. In the evening when I am ready to relax and enjoy my evening, I see myself lean towards floral teas like hibiscus and jasmine (my favorite night blooming flower :)) or a chai.

Pretty much I choose my tea by walking to the pantry and smelling boxes of tea until one speaks to me. Now I am drinking anywhere from 3-6 6 oz. cups of tea daily. I’m still exploring and expanding my tea experience so I am sure that it will change!

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I drink one cup of coffee first thing, :O
Later, after the boys are off to school but before DH wakes up, I make a pot of tea at my leisure during my alone time. I usually finish by noon. Lately I have been on at kick with Numi’s Toasted Rice Green.

I drink more in afternoon depending on activities and my mood. At night I make a single cup of an herbal or decaffeinated tea.

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AvieeD said

I do not start my day with tea. I do not enjoy mate and black tea lacks the caffeine to help me keep up with a toddler. Coffee is my start, but once noon hits I get into the teas!

I prefer black teas but occasionally I will brew a clean green. I sip a lot of gourmet flavors with company around and if I’m working I go into my chocolate rooibos stashes. I have so much variety in my cupboard right now that I don’t think I’ll ever have a specific flavor routine!

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I generally start the day with a black tea or two. Occasionally, if I have one handy, I’ll start the day with a Mate or a Guayusa instead, but, more often than not, it’s a black tea. Then I move on to a Matcha, and then another green tea. Then I will have an Oolong, a white or yellow tea, and then I start with Tisanes.

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I start with a large mug og Pg Tips,Yorkshire Gold or another strong english breakfast.
Then I change with some green tea during late morning.Before lunch a cup of Assam with some milk.After lunch I generally have a mint green tea.During the afternoon some good cups of Tetley with milk.
Before dinner green tea.Before going to bed some herbal tea flavoured with lemon or similar or tisanes.Generally I’ll have 10-12 cups of tea and 2-3 of herbal tea/tisanes.

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It varies, but lately it’s been two bags of Twinings Irish Breakfast in the morning. A blend of regular Tetley decaf and Bigelow’s decaf Constant Comment right after lunch. For afternoon tea, I generally spoil myself with a pure Ceylon from Bigelow. There is no routine in the evenings; it’s all a matter of mood and what’s left of my palate after dinner. Lately, however, I have been sampling a blend of Tetley and Twinings Ceylon Orange. Very pleasant indeed.

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Ninavampi said

The only for sure thing with my tea habits lately is my morning black tea and my nightly matcha!!! For some reason I find matcha super relaxing and it is my favorite to unwind to and enjoy right before bed time! :)

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I definitely have tea habits too Teavangelical. During the week I generally start with a black latte or two, and then in the afternoon I drink oolongs or more teas that I like with milk, and in the evenings I like straight herbals.

Breaking from this, there are times I drink a lot of mate in the morning (like when I used to work at 5:30 am a few times a week) in which I need the boost due to lack of sleep. I have a lot of mate around still from my lifeguarding days, I just recently moved on to grad school. On the weekend I like teas that I can steep multiple times, and sometimes I treat myself to a birthday cake latte in the evening.

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Will said

I tend to drink alone at work most weekdays (making sure to eat something first), and I’ll sometimes drink tea in the early / mid afternoon. Sadly, too much strong tea doesn’t do good things for my sleep quality, so I usually don’t drink any tea later than that, other than weak tea at restaurants and that kind of thing.

On the weekend, unless I’m in a big hurry, I drink tea at home, usually with my wife.

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Claire said

My typical day starts with a small cup of coffee while I get ready for school and work, then right before I leave I brew up some tea for my travel mug, usually black or oolong.
I’ve been taking a water bottle with matcha powder with me lately, so around lunch I’ll put some water from the drinking fountain in it and shake it like a polaroid picture.
Around mid afternoon I fill up my travel mug with the free hot water on campus, and dunk in some variety of non-offensive tea bag.
Finally, I get home and have whatever kind of tea I want!

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