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KaiMatcha said

Bamboo Matcha Whisks: Are more prongs better?

We are working on sourcing the highest quality items for our new Matcha “Starter Kit”.

I have always used a 80 prong whisk when making Matcha tea. We have the option to get whisks that are 100 prong or 120 prong.

In your experience, are the whisks with more prongs better for mixing?

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KaiMatcha said

Anyone have an experience with this :)

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I don’t have any experience in a comparison of the two, I have an 80 prong whisk and it’s always served me well, although I must say that I’ve been curious about the difference between them…

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I would assume that the matcha would get “fluffier” with more prongs, as they would be able to whip more air into it. I don’t use a whisk, though, so what do I know?

Yes that would be my guess too, but as I’ve only used my eighty prong whisk and no others, I have no real proof that this is the case. I didn’t even know that a more-pronged whisk existed until after I had ordered my eighty prong whisk that I now use, and when I buy another (it’s about time to replace mine), I might invest in a whisk with more prongs.

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Azzrian said

I am going to get another whisk after Christmas if my hubby does not get me the one I put on my wish list. (he better) but yes I am going for one with 120 prongs. I think you should carry all three – if at different price points. Most people starting out won’t want to pay more for a 120 prong and just need a starter whisk until they decide if they want to upgrade. Why not sell at least two of them?

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There’s more than 100 different styles of bamboo matcha whisks. Those intended for koicha need to be stronger and have thicker prongs. Most of us are familiar with the whisks that have 80 to 120 prongs, but there can be as little as 16.
In general, the thicker the prongs are, their number is less. I’m not sure exactly what the difference is between similar number of prongs, like 72 vs 80. Sometimes it’s just that way because of the specific school of the tea ceremony.

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