2020: How Much Will You Spend on Tea This Year!?

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Placed CuppaGeek order. And that will be last one this year I guess (don’t count last Bird and Blend subscription)

Apparently I wasn’t able to don’t order anything else. But the teas are so addictive!

Leafhopper said

@Roswell, we live vicariously through your tea purchases! :)

Couldn’t help myself and placed an order for tea on Tangpin (I decided to go for Zheng Shan Feizi Xiao and I have no idea what to expect. Somewhere I found it should be lychee black tea. I can’t wait! Haha.
Spent 12$ which sounds pretty much okay…

LukasCha said

As a student with a really tight budget, and in a family in which I can’t just afford to much high quality tea, I enjoy a little samples of tea usually, and get around one or 2 teas in a bigger quantity.

I don’t buy tea every month, but rather every 2 months or so, and when i do I spend around $30 on tea. I have never really kept track of how much I spend but I probably should start, as it could probably get out of control.

Does Christmas gifts to others count? If so, then it’s 797.48 CZK (36,57 USD) count. Oh well, there is as well tea for me!

Up to you, but I don’t count gifts for others in my tally! ;)

True that! :) I will count only tea for me. Even that it’s quite a lot!

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