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Cofftea said

You've been debagged!

Does anyone ever dump the contents of a tea bag into a loose leaf strainer or tea pot? I’ve been kinda tempted to do that, especially w/ some of the higher quality bags.

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AJ said

No, but mostly because most of the bags I have aren’t quite that high quality. They’re just the broken, dusty tea-leaf remnants, and thus would go right through the strainer, I suspect. But I have been tempted!

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Meghann M said

I’ve been tempted to do so with some of my pyramid tea bags. Since they are supposedly “whole leaf” teas, I bet it would work. Just haven’t done so yet. Maybe tonight’s the night!

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I think I’d get a really dirty cup of tea with my cheap tea bags.

Cofftea said

Even if you decanted it? Your filter should take care of the tea leaves, unless it was a matcha blend that’d sneak thru.

Yeah, I’m not really sure but my strainer doesn’t seem to be fine enough for those tea bag leaves.

Angrboda said

Take it from someone who has had a dirty trick played on them by their own aunt. Dust and fannings from cheap bags WILL get through the strainer. A lot. So with the traditional bag that doesn’t have whole leaf in it, I wouldn’t recommend the experiment.

Cofftea said

Dusty tea… blech… I only have those kind at restaurants anyway- and people would think I was crazy if I did that in public LOL:)

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Miss Sweet said

I’ve done that with some of the bagged Harney & Sons teas – I don’t imagine it alters the flavour too much (I’ve noticed a definite difference with paper teabags however), I just like checking out the leaves haha.

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I’ve done that with the samplers Lupicia gives out. I usually disregarded them altogether, but ocassionaly I would open one and rip open the bag for a cup of tea.

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