Claire said

Mandala Tea's website

Is anyone else having problems with Mandala’s website right now? When I click to select a quantity the whole screen turns black, and I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the website or just the version of IE on this computer. Thanks!

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I am using Firefox and was able to add to the cart with no problems.

mrmopar said

google is ok on it.

I you still have trouble try clearing your cache. What browser are you using?

Claire said

It’s working fine on my desktop where I’m using chrome, but when I’m at school and for a lot of my classwork I use a windows 8 tablet and for some reason that version of IE doesn’t like the website.

Garret said

HI Claire! This is Garret from Mandala Tea… I am sorry that I did not see your post earlier! I know there was an issue a year ago with an old IE browser but everything has been working since. I can help you at any time over the phone, as well. If you have any questions at any time, we’re here to help. 507.453.7941 are the digits and we can do orders over the phone, as well. Many thanks for checking us out, Claire!!!

Claire said

Thanks Garret! The site works just fine from this PC (my desktop) but for some reason it’s goofy on the windows 8 tablet, which isn’t too surprising since those still have some bugs. I really appreciate the response!

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