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Verdant rewards

Hey guys,
So yesterday I tried to claim a reward from verdant tea. It took the points and says I have made 1 redemption but It did not take me to a new page and I have not gotten an email from them yet. I was wondering if any of you had experience with their rewards program and know’s how long it will take or what I did wrong. Oh, and I have sent them an email but have not gotten a response.

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mrmopar said

it’s a weekend they will reply monday i am sure. reward points from them are new to me but i am sure i am going to accrue some soon.

I already sent one

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I just did the same on Friday. I received an automated email saying that I would get another email with instructions of what to do next. As mrmopar said, since it’s the weekend, I’m not expecting anything until at least Monday. Plus, the automated email said that it can take up to 7 days to process the reward. I doubt it will take that long though.

I didn’t even receive an automated email.

You might want to email them then. You probably won’t receive a response until Monday, but definitely send them an email.

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Kittenna said

Was it the two of your that redeemed for the Private Reserve Samples?? I’m trying to figure out, should I go for the teacup or the samples?!

I did go for the Private Reserves Samples. I already bought two of those cups he had offered. I feel if I wouldn’t have bought the cups I still would go for the samples. I feel the teas are more rare and special than the cups are. David even said he bought the entire cup stock from the man who made them to encourage him to make more. So, when he goes back to China he may get more of them. But that’s me, go for what you want more, and then let us know!!

I went for the teacup. As much as I enjoy verdant’s tea I figured that 35 grams of tea wouldn’t last me very long and I’m still in the process of building my teaware collection.

Kittenna said

@Insence&Tea – unless there were more than 2 teacups available, I am wondering if your redemption didn’t go through at all… Good news is that 2 are still available!

There were three available and the number went down so I assume it took it

Kittenna said

Ok! Good. :) I just think it would totally suck if there was a glitch and then other people got them!

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Ya that would suck

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