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Mug Life said

How to write about Flavors

Hi everyone, I just joined Steepster a few days ago, and I’m really excited to be a part of the community here, but I am experiencing a bit of trepidation with writing about teas. Does anyone have any links or advice on how to write about flavors, and tea in general? A large list of possible adjectives to use would be pretty helpful. Thank you!

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Sil select said

start with what you feel like writing, don’t stress too much over getting it right! While others may read your posts, write them for yourself. I know someone had posted a link to adjectives and such a few months back though. I’ll see if i can find it to bump.

Mug Life said


Sil select said

I couldn’t find the steepster post but i did happen to find this link online:

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Angrboda said

I would say, create your own. Tell what you taste and write that down. If something reminds you of chocolate, say chocolate. If it reminds you of bananas, say bananas. If it tastes like seafood, say seafood.

There’s no real right way of doing it, because it’s a subjective matter. If you think something tastes like coconuts, for example, then nobody can come and tell you that you are wrong. How could they? They can’t taste what you taste. Not even if they drink from your cup.

For me personally, a flavour description can be many things. I use my imagination and often find that a tea’s flavour has a shape. Or a colour. Sometimes even a gender. And I say so. If something tastes to me like it’s triangular, purple and female, then that’s what I’ll write down, and leave it to others to work out how that tastes. I’ll probably laugh at myself while doing it too, but I can’t change the fact that I got a triangular, purple and female association from it. It sounds completely psychedelic, but there you are. The human brain is funny place. :)

So like Sil said, don’t worry about whether you ‘get it right’. If you write with honesty it’s always right.

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darky said

i’m new here aswel and i’m wondering if my first 2 tasting notes are a bit good, in the sense off are u learning things about the tea i tryed out?


excuses if i run away with your topic :)

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Uniquity said

I find the way I write tasting notes has changed over my years at Steepster. Now I focus a lot on trying to describe what I’ve done and what it tastes like so that others might be able to get an idea of what the tea is like. Initially, I wrote just for myself, to remember how I made or liked a tea, whether it was good, that sort of thing. There is no wrong way – unless you don’t say anything about tea at all. I guess that might be wrong. : )

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