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Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Tea Blends by Tetley Tea

Anybody see the cool limited edition ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tins that are being rolled out by Tetley and Disney to promote the film? There are supposed to be some Wonderland-inspired blends inside them (Tetley Orange Pekoe, Tetley English Breakfast, Tetley Green Tea with Lemon and Tetley Red Tea with Orange), and with such a high-profile collaboration I’m sure the tins themselves won’t disappoint. I’m intrigued, but Tetley is a Canadian tea company so I wonder if I’ll be able to get my hands on these here in Los Angeles, California…

Anyway, pics after the jump: http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/print.aspx?postid=334179


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LOVE those tins! I’m not a big fan of Tetley tea, but definitely will be picking up these tins for the artwork. Thanks for the link too – they’ve got some great tips for hosting your own Mad Hatter tea party!

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AJ said

I wouldn’t mind collecting those tins. Although I am neither a fan of Tetley’s, nor one of the many eagerly anticipating the movie. But they’re neat.

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@Dan Yeah I saw those tips; they were pretty interesting! I found someone selling the Alice tin on eBay, but the markup was too ridiculous. :/ Lmk if you find a source that sells them!

@AJ I’ve never tried Tetley, but from the sounds of it they’re nothing special. I’m with ya on the tins though. They look kinda cool, no? Although, I AM anticipating the movie… I’m partial to Burton. ;P

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Charbrew said

Afternoon tea set from forman and field and also a mad hatters tea box from Kings Fines food available online both include teas from the Charbrew range

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AJ said

I forgot to say! I came across the tins at my Superstore (where I work). The tins are very large, and come with the regular boxes of bags inside of them. My mother ended up picking up one (with the rabbit on the front), to reuse as a storage tin for her Tetley’s.

Also, Chapter’s (as well as Winner’s now, since Winner’s is a Catch All overstock store) has been selling Alice teapots (the regular ones, as well as the ‘Tea For One’ cup and pot sets, and I believe just singular teamugs as well), although the design is classical Alice, nothing from the movie.

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Sinatra said

I got a set of the Tetley Alice tins and they are wonderful.
As for the tea in the tins, I must say it tasted rather bland.

As a collector of lovely tins, I just found a truly beautiful one here: http://www.prosperoart.com/alice-tin

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Something to consider when buying Tetley:

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@Charbrew Thanks for the plug!

@AJ The classical Alice renditions are certainly a far cry from what the Tim Burton designs offer, but they’re all great in my book anyway. thumbs up

@Sinatra That Prospero Art Alice tin is a looker! Nice find, I’d definitely trade my Tetley version for that one—that is, if I had a Tetley Alice tin. =X

@World Tea House $1.35 a day?! And that’s not even the worst of it… What a sad story. Thanks for that eye-opening article, albeit its unsurprising revelations. I don’t currently drink Tetley, but if I did, I’d probably boycott it until the inherent problems in the Indian tea industry are fixed. =/

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dbbjas428 said

I’m drinking this tea right now…picked it up while in Disney…I love the tins, and the tea is pretty good! lol wish they sold the English Breakfast one on the website as well as the variety pack…

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