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Shmiracles said

Trail Runners and Tea Drinkers

i’m just creating a discussion to find and connect with any runners out there.
running and tea drinking!
two things i love to do on the weekends. i find both activities to be meditative and nurturing and healthy.
do you drink tea before a run?
look forward to your cup after a run?
do you brew some and take it with you for hydration and/or a boost on longer runs?

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Ninavampi said

Oooh! I didn’t see this thread earlier!
I love running! I actually organize one of the most important 10km races in Ecuador! :)

I like 10km and longer because you don’t need as much speed work for them!

Tea is always an after run prize for me! If I drink it before I run, it sloshes around my belly quite a bit!

Shmiracles said

hello Ninavampi! i glanced at your bio and saw that you teach ice skating. which is awesome. on a related note i used to compete in figures and freestyle roller skating when i was young. i still have a pair of skates that i occasionally dust off.

i also prefer longer distance runs. i do shorter runs for training of course, but i basically only ever register for half marathons or longer. i’ll admit, speed is not my strength.

Ninavampi said

Yeps! I love skating as well! I miss it… I have been doing less and less of it as work takes over my time…

Half marathons are my favorite!

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I am so spacey that I always drink too much tea at once. I never want to move after tea; I’m like “bleh… why did I make a full pot? Why did I DRINK a full pot?!” That said, I genuinely envy runners and hikers- I love a good stroll and sightseeing and appreciating the outdoors, but I just cant bring myself to ever run and if I have to go anywhere, it feels like a chore. I’m trying to improve my daily activity, so maybe things will work out in exercise’s favor. I think I would drink my tea afterwards though; tea tends to be very dehydrating. However, tea (due to caffeine and other factors) is known to speed up your metabolism for about 90 minutes after drinking it, so I would probably drink a tiny cup of hot tea before and then have a tea-for-one pot afterwards :)

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bravedave said

I find tea drinking and running extremely meditative. They are both two moments in the day when I am both at peace and can think the clearest.

I will usually run before drinking tea or several hours after. Being that I usually drink a pot in the morning, I can’t run right after drinking; too much tea in my system. If I do an early morning run, I absolutely look forward to tea afterwards!

I wouldn’t want to drink tea to hydrate, my body craves plain water during a run.

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Josie Jade said

Tea and running are two of my favorite things. I like to drink just a teacup of tea with my breakfast if I know I’m going for a run. I usually wait an hour and then run. I think the small amount of caffeine really gets me going! After, I always drink a big glass or two of water to rehydrate and then make a mug of tea. Makes me so happy to come home and enjoy a hot tea after a cold run in the winter!

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Shmiracles said

i’m packing my bag. i’m gonna go get a rental car and then drive to my last marathon of 2012.
i’m drinking my last cup of Buttered Rum now, and i’ll probably re-steep it because it is my last.

i’m traveling lite for this trip, so i think i decided i can’t bring my teacup and tea to the hotel this time. i’ll just have to look forward to drinking tea when i get back. my sore and stiff bones will pull themselves out of the shower and i’ll put on my warm robe and then i’ll sit on the floor of my room as i drink tea and watch sci-fi and stretch my sore muscles.

Josie Jade said

Good luck with your marathon! The prize of tea at the end should motivate you during the race, it did me yesterday when I was running the Gobbler. It was so cold, and I was so ready to get home to a warm cup of tea and some pumpkin pie. :)

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