'Samurai' Traveling Tea Box!!!

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Tea sipper, one of the teas caught my attention and id love to swap something for the cinnamon apple french toast if you have any left?

Hey! Welcome to steepster. At this point, cinnamon apple french toast is on the older side and I really only like swapping fresher teas so anyone is actually tasting the tea that they should be tasting. But I definitely would suggest ordering some over on svtea.com. I’m guessing you will love this blend and would love to have more that a sample anyway. Simpson and Vail has a ton of lovely teas, I’m usually not disappointed. And we will see what happens with a round two of this teabox.

I am working on my cupboard – I have about 50 teas, but I would love to get involved in the next round of teas traveling. I live in Wilmington, NC, USA.

Mailed to Michelle today (10/29)

I received the box today. I opened the box and noticed loose tea everywhere, and upon inspection found a few things had burst/dumped all over the box. So, in full transparency, what was left of the following had to go in the trash. :(
Mystery Tea
Hawaiian Herbal- Noni
Orange Chocolate Star Herbal

DavidsTea- Pistachio Ice Cream
Four o’ Clock- Almond Biscotti
DavidsTea- Blueberry Muffin
DavidsTea- Bee the Change
DavidsTea- Youth Blossom
Andrews and Dunham- Black Sunshine

DF- Oolong Caramel Au Beurre Sale
DF- Carcadet Fraise Pistache
My Cup of Tea- Lychee Red Tea
Plum Deluxe- Porch Sippin Pecan
52Teas- Mother of Dragons
Bird and Blend- Rainbow Chai
London Calling- Cup of Té
DavidsTea- Eye of Newt
Tupelo Tea- Borbon Black
Cup of Té- English Breakfast
A Quarter to Tea- Red Wine Cake
Elephant Chateau- Ceylon Black
DF- Hojicha Poire Vanille

Teapigs- Snooze (teabags)
Bigelow- Oolong (teabag)
T2- Sydney Breakfast
Harney- White Vanilla Grapefruit (teabag)
Harney- Raspberry Herbal (teabags)
DF- Nuit a Versailles (teabag)
T2- Eggnog
52Teas- Bananas and Peanut Butter Rooibos/Honeybush
52Teas- Vanilla Orange Cola
52Teas- Voodoo Cashew Mate
52Teas- Malted Chocomate
52Teas- Lemon Cream Cheese Danish Honeybush
52Teas- Eggnog Mate
Tealyra- Dragon Lychee Pearls
Tealyra- Pure Cocoa Pu’erh
The Pacific Place Tea Garden- Pineapple Pikake
Jolie Tea- I Put a Spell on You
TeaSource- Sticky Rice Puer
jLTeaco- Wu Yi Dark Oolong
jLTeaco-Mi Xiang Dark Organic Oolong
Aera Tea Co- Happy Camper
Aera Tea Co- Wanderlust
Verdant- Qianjiazhai 2019 Hua Sheng Pu’er
Verdant- 1985 Aged Tieguanyin
New Mexico Tea Co- Pumpkin Spice
A Quarter to Tea- Irish Cream Cheesecake
A Quarter to Tea- Classic Margarita
A Quarter to Tea- Cottontail
Ollt Co- Organic Jasmine Green
Bird and Blend- Moondrop Dreams
Bird and Blend- Lime Cola
Bird and Blend- Rice Moo-long
Bird and Blend- Jasmine Poached Pears
Bird and Blend- Fairy Dust
Whispering Pines- Meadowlark
DavidsTea- Pumpkin Pie Matcha
DavidsTea- Cinnamon Rooibos Chai (teabag)
DavidsTea- The Buzz (teabag)
DavidsTea- Peppermint Amour
Steven Smith Temaker- Rose City Genmaicha
Louisville Tea Co.- Moroccan Mint
Fung Mei- Honey Ginger Crystals
August Uncommon- Far Afield
Brutaliteas- Nightpear on Elm Street
Yunomi/Ocharaka Tea Shop- Kaboacha Hojicha

Arby said

That’s sad to hear :( I didn’t even open or try the Hawaiian herbal one and it arrived to me without spilling. Was there any evidence of customs inspection? It is also weird that the mystery tea spilled because it was 100% sealed when I shipped it off (I double checked because I didn’t have a thick baggy to send it in-I ran out). Maybe I should have double bagged it.

The box did have a cut in it, so perhaps not inspected, but definitely went through the ringer. It’s no biggie! Just wanted to be honest with everyone.

What the heck postal system? sigh.

Count me in for the next round (if there is one)! I’m in Austin, TX now.

We will see what SkySamurai wants to do about a second round. :D

If not, no biggie! There will be other TTBs, I’m sure. :D

P.S. – Edited my first post, it was meant to say “for the next round”. Oops

Skysamurai said

You guys! I CAN POST!!!!!!! T________T Hallelujah! hahaha good greif how many years has it been? _ yay!

AHHHH! Awesome. haha I’m glad you tried and it’s good to see Steepster is actually improving.

Steepster has been much better for me over the past few days, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced that?

I want in on a future traveling tea box, I have so much to share!

Skysamurai said

I have an idea that I’m going to post in the main section right now.

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