JasonCT said

Steepster members on Instagram

Anyone use instagram?

Feel free to follow me at: www.instagram.com/jasonct78

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DaisyChubb said

Love it!
I’m daisychubb on instagram – I love the ease of taking photos with it on le phone.

hey i was at HPX, too! /high fives/

DaisyChubb said

ahhh too cool! Are you from Halifax? I just moved here in April – love eet!

EDIT: nvm I see you’re from PEI! Well if you’re ever in town again, pop by LUSH in the halifax shopping centre and we can grab a DavidsTea together :D

sounds good! :D

Please follow http://instagram.com/tealettea

I think you will like our instagram photos. I will also follow everyone here. I would like to experiment with hashtags to aggregate interesting moments of tea lovers lives and present them in a beautiful way.

momo said

i mostly post photos of my cats, with the odd slew of live music photos when i’m covering a festival.

I’m tattooed33

My instagram is literally my life in pictures. I joined not that long ago and I’m near 200 pictures.

I’m on instagram too. I don’t update it often though. Prob should get on that soon! www.instagram.com/teaaholic :)

JasonCT said

I think I’ve added everyone – if I missed you, please feel free to add me.

KallieBoo! said

I’m kalmal8 :] I post random pictures, but I’m starting to get more into it! I love pictures :]

James R said

I’m shredsofmetal

Can we start a thing? #steepstergram – photos of tea!

I think it is a good idea to start hashtagging with #steepstergram. It would make it very easy to see everyone’s tea experiences.

Or perhaps in keeping with Instagram – #steepstagram ;)

Shmiracles said

this is a VERY good idea. i currently tag tea photos with #tea #teastagram #steepster and #teagram.
i’ll gladly add #steepstergram to the list!

Shmiracles said

in fact i’m going to only use #steepstargram from now on

#steepstagram, love it

Shmiracles said

ok ok wait, is it steepstergram or steepstagram ? i guess i can just use both! i’ll super tag every tea photo forever hah

I’ll watch both hashtags.

I like #steepstagram because it’s cute, but either is good!

Shmiracles said

I’m mostly using #steepstagram too now :)

Also this has made me obsessed with searching tags.

adding that as a hashtag!! #steepstagram FTW!

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