Steepster members on Instagram

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Zoltar said

just made a account i wasn’t even aware of what instagram was lol ya sometimes it’s like i live in a cave

CupofTree said

caves are awesome :)

Zoltar said

yup but my wifi don’t get through the rock wall so i have to get out sometimes :(

CupofTree said

haha oh.. darn those weak wifi signals :(

CupofTree said

Mine is nature and tea pretty much :)

Shmiracles said

hi CupofTree! i guess you can see from my instagram that i like to camp and trail run a lot. and take pictures along the way. yay nature! (i also used to live in florida) xo

CupofTree said

hi there! oh no way haha, fl sucks.
I love your camp photos, I can’t wait to be able to do that :)

ScRyX said

Great idea! I have started tagging my tea photos with both tags :) Here is my profile:

Valerie said

Oh wow I’d love some new instagram friends! I’m :D

Holls said

I’m @HollyKnitlightly on there. :)

Shmiracles said

i’m shmiracles on instagram too

I am froogle_jimmy on instagram. feel free to follow

I think I added everyone so far
mine is jennifersbliss We thought it might be fun to share some new teas that we get in, blends that we are working on, etc.

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