Steepster members on Instagram

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Howdy! To anyone who wants to, could you take a look at our instagram and let me know what you think? Just curious to get some input

Thanks so much!

Clint said

I made one just now! I don’t have any pictures or anything yet….but hopefully soon!

Almost all cats….donkeytiara on instagram

Thought I had posted mine, but apparently not, here it is:

MzPriss said

Here is me!

Lots of nail and hair stuff lately, but it varies.

Cheri select said

I’m Mostly cats and tea, but occasionally beer as well.

I just joined a few days ago so there isn’t much on there :)

boychik said

When Steepster is down I hang out there. Helps me to connect to my tea fiends and meet new ones;)

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