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Pu Erh blend for someone who doesn't like the taste?

My mother has high cholesterol and has not wanted to rely on medications to lower it. In the past I set her up with pu erh and the transformation in her numbers was amazing.
She stopped drinking the tea and it is high again and I’m looking for something she would like. Any suggestions, steepsterites?
In the past I know she has thought that Teavana’s old strawberry pu-erh blend was tasty (and didn’t really taste of pu erh), but I’m looking for something a little nicer, though not necessarily more expensive.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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Uniquity said

I believe DavidsTea has a couple pu-erh blends that have pretty good reception. I don’t happen to like the stuff (yet) so I can’t make any recommendations other than The Skinny which has oolong and puerh. That one’s pretty okay!

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momo said

Chocolate Orange from DavidsTea is good, and Vintage TeaWorks’ Cabernet Puerh is amazing. Definitely doesn’t taste like it has puerh as a base at all.

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Zeks said

I think Sichuan Caravan from verdant might be worth trying if it’s anything like silk road or spiced elderberry puer in quality (I can’t testify yet – my order hasn’t arrived) But my general impressions – Verdant has GODLY puer nuggets blends.

I find any puerh blend from Verdant to be amazing, all worth trying! The Chrysanthemum blend is my favorite one out of the ones that are available right now. The Silk Road Spice is still my favorite, although it’s been discontinued, hopefully it’s only temporary.

Zeks said

I have a lot of ppl waiting for silk spice to return by now :)

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Alphakitty said

Nature’s Bloom Pu-erh from Nature’s Leaf is a great “starter” pu-erh. Great floral taste, the pu-erh adds some nice earthiness but not in an overwhelming way. If you want something decadent, the Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh from English Tea Store is also great.

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Blood Orange from DAVIDs is one of my favourites! it’s nice and tangy and citrusy, which the earthiness of the pu’erh really compliments. I just stocked up on it the other day as I’d run out and was very sad.

Creme De Menthe is another DAVIDs pu’ehr I really enjoy, it’s sweet and creamy and minty, reminds me of mint ice cream in a mug!

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I’ve had 2 pu’ehr’s. One was horrendous. and I have DAVIDsTEA’s Blood Orange, that was super tasty.

Oh I lie, I did try DAVIDs Creme de Menthe as well. I think I enjoyed it, but not positive. You can take a peek at my tea log to see what I thought.

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I think Lupicia has well flavored puer.



I’m having the chocolate strawberry one right now! It would also taste good with milk or milk substitute if you want to hide the puerh flavor even more.

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Dustin said

You could also try blending puerh with a strong herbal tea.

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ashmanra said

Lupicia Chocolate and Strawberry is the only Puerh my friend will drink. She hates all the others and says that one doesn’t taste like Puerh to her. I love Mengku Palace from Teavivre and have a lot of luck with non-tea people liking it.

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Bonnie said

Della Terra has a chocolate puerh, Kally has a tropical white puerh, my favorites are Verdant Summer Imperial Breakfast Blend (when it returns next season) and look for other natural Blends with Puerh that they have.

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