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It's a Season of Giveaways on SororiTea Sisters!

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The current contest is now closed, and I’ve drawn a winner and am waiting for them to get back to me. Once I hear back from them, I will announce the winner. Next week, there will be another awesome giveaway so keep checking back with our blog!

CONGRATULATIONS to our winner of the Verdant Tea Giveaway: Raven!

Sil select said

So jealous. Congratulations raven!

Claire said

Congratulations, looking forward to reading these reviews!

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Azzrian said

Congrats Raven!!!

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Raven said

Thanks for the congrats! I am pretty darn excited! :D finally getting to try some teas from Verdant Tea, and the line-up for the next three months looks really, really good (I’m definitely going to have to get in a bit of practice on brewing pu-erh soon).

And I guess the pressure’s on to get better at reviewing too!

Babble said

You might even say the “pu-erh”-sures on ;)

… I’ll see myself out.

Azzrian said

ROFL!!! Good one Rachel!

Uniquity said

Congratulations! While I am very jealous it wasn’t me, I’m glad you’ll have so much amazing tea to enjoy!

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Well everyone, it’s a new week and there’s a new giveaway on our blog! This time, you can win the December Box from Amoda Tea! http://sororiteasisters.com/2012/12/11/annoucing-another-giveaway-its-our-season-of-giveaways/

This giveaway – like all of our giveaways – will last about a week, and then another one will start shortly thereafter… so if you want to get in on this one, you better enter now!

Azzrian said

Please be sure to follow our blog as well – it makes us feel good :) Thanks! :)

YAY! More Contests! More Winners!

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darky said

yeaaah :) a contest again :)

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Just bumping this because it was the last thread on page 2 … and I wanted it to be the first thread on page 1. :)


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Pushing this one up to page 1: http://youtu.be/vCadcBR95oU

LOVE this song! Hard to believe it flashes back to 1986!!!!

THEN…I thought of this song, too :) LOL

LOL! The video for that song gave me a whole new … um … visual … when it came to MC “hammer” … sorry, it had to be said.

Yup! They actually joked about that after the video was released! LMAO!

Azzrian said

First of all you two are up too early – second of all you lost your minds – this is why I like you.

Azzrian said

And lets take it down a notch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEUX-HYRtUA

You know it, Azz! :)
LOL :)

LOVE me some LL, btw!

Azzrian said

MMmmhmmmm LL :) sigh

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Guess what, I’m bumping it again. You can enter to win through Monday … Monday is the last day and it’s coming up quick!

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Azzrian said

Don’t forget to get entered everyone :)

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merton said

Just signed up. Thank you girls for doing all of these awesome giveaways!

Azzrian said

It has been our pleasure and there is more to come so keep posted! :)

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