Flickr Group for Steepster Photos

Based on *Angrboda*’s excellent suggestion, I went over to Flickr to set up a group for those who want to share photos of tea. You can join it here:

I seeded the group with a bunch of the photos I had, so feel free to join in the fun! If anyone is interested in joining up as an admin for the group, just let me know.

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Angrboda said

Weeee! Evil Enabler = me. :D

~lauren. said

Hi! I added an image to the Flickr Group – Steepster! It is the Harney & Sons, Seven Sons Congratulating Art Tea.

This is my first attempt at Flickr so please let me know if there are any problems!

Pretty!! It looks like you did everything right… it’s in the set! I love both the flower and the container!! :)

Jason admin said

Awesome idea! I don’t know why we didn’t think of that :)

That Angrboda, she’s a smart one! :)

Angrboda said


Thanks for getting it started! I plan to take a look and add a few myself at some point.

You all are posting some pretty pretty pictures!!!

Hi all, there are a lot of recent photos that look like they’re coming from a vendor in the Flickr group. Is this okay with everyone? I’m not sure we can limit that type of thing unless we close down the group more, but I wanted to make sure everyone felt okay about things…

Jason admin said

Yea…even though they are nice pics it’s just all promotional. Is there some way to contact them and ask them to remove them or just remove them ourselves? (I don’t use Flickr often). Also, I’m not even an admin in the Steepster Flickr group! :D

~lauren. said

Personally, I would rather just see our Steepsterite personal photos. I mean, commercial photos can be viewed on their websites. For example, as gorgeous as those pics are from Tea Beyond, you can see them on their website and on Amazon. Do we really need to flood the Steepster Flickr group with the same photos? Imagine if every company started to dump all their teas and teaware photos on the Steepster Flickr group. All the personal photos would get lost among them and then what use would that group be to us?

AJ said

I was afraid I was the only one noticed, since the group is fairly slow moving and I was the last to post pictures before the flood. I was pretty upset, and thought about bringing it up myself, but no one else had so I figured I was the only one who minded.

Is there no way to add ‘Rules’ to a group description of some sort or message them? Then again, it may be a bot of some sort advertising by adding its pictures to all tea-related groups.

Angrboda said

I agree, it should be for private people’s private photos. Otherwise it’s a bit like pic-spam but in a bad way.
Or a bit like that spammer we had the other day who apparently wanted applicants for a job at their company and thought that a weak analogy to tea would make it not-spam.

Yeah – if you have the ability to get rid of them, I would. You can also limit the number of pictures people post in a day. One group that I am in limits it to 5 a day. That might cut down on this type of thing happening too (unless people think they will be posting more than 5 a day and would find that rule too binding).

I’m not sure what that company wanted to accomplish – one way for me to NEVER buy anything from you is to spam a group rudely with pictures of your product!

Tanner said

The promotional photos look awful, especially since it’s all that’s showing up in the feed for me right now.

Get rid of ’em, I say.

Wow! What consensus! Okay, I’ll see what I can do about getting rid of them and limiting uploads. If anyone else wants to be an admin, just let me know! :)

Debbi said

I joined the group. I’m a scrapbooker, and I added two layouts I made about my recent obsession with tea.

~lauren. said
I just saw them on Flickr – they were lovely!

I just added a few myself :) I really should take a few photos of my usual teaware set-ups and upload them to Flickr. I’ve got my blue and white dragon set that I use with my son up there but I have different set-ups for green tea, black tea, and afternoon-just-want-a-small-pot-of-something-floral tea. The last category uses the pink cup & saucer set but I bought a green tetsubin a couple months ago to go with it which works better as I get exactly three cups full with that instead of the three 1/2 to four-ish cups I was getting with the blue tetsubin.

I just joined, I loved everyone’s photos.
I do agree about the promotional photos…this should just be us steepsters private photos.
I will post some pics soon.
Thanks for setting this up ~lauren:)

AJ said

Bringing the ol’ flickr group back around, seeing as me and occasionally some bot/tea vendors are the only recent uploaders.

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