Puerh Christmas Haul (Verdant Teapot and EOT Puerh Pics)

So for Christmas this year all I wanted was tea stuff. Not trying to break the bank for my parents, I only asked for a few higher end tea items. I religiously watched David’s trip to china on verdant tea and saw the teapot’s were very reasonably priced for hand made yixing. Since I am getting into puerh and already have a teapot for shu I asked my parents to look for a grey, green, or yellow clay yixing teapot. When I saw that he only put 2 or 3 up I figured that my parents hand’t gotten one. I also asked for some young mansai puerh from EOT because of the great reviews they always seem to get. Well it turns out my parents were able to get everything I wanted!!! I got the duan ni 6 oz yixing teapot made by Xu Ping and 2 2011 Mansai sheng puerh cakes. Here are the pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/87738073@N05/sets/72157632085990036/

I’m just about to try some of the puerh before my parents are putting it away until christmas :( I’m going to try to age one of the cakes and see how that goes, comparing it to the other which I will be drinking. If you have any questions about either I’d love to help

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The second picture isn’t great but I wanted to show the cool white speckling the clay has

tperez said

Haha, I’m doing about the same but getting a tea tray :)
Where’s the tea cake from?

http://www.essenceoftea.co.uk It looks like it was $160ish for both cakes I bought with shipping. They included a large sample of another tea and I’m drinking some of the tea right now, It is fantastic. Well worth the money

mrmopar said

you lucky dog!! can i move in?

Thanks! And sure you can move in as long as you bring a tong or two of some dayi v93, I’m all out ;)

mrmopar said

i got a 250 gram cake of it and about 4 more 100 gram cakes different years and sheng and shu of each!

Thats a good deal there on ebay, i just got a single one from here once

Ya it’s a little cheaper but I want the tong packaging.

mrmopar said

320545967558 ebay item $1.50 more half the time in shipping to you. or item 190758127779 24.95 not sure of ship time but at 4.99 each still a good deal.

mrmopar said

tommy, the second one i put up may interest you if you only want one toucha.

Thanks. Berylleb had good shipping time last time I ordered

mrmopar said

berylleb always sends samples too. that’s why i only buy one dayi beeng at a time. i guess i am cheap!

Thanks mrmopar :) I’ve ordered teas from that same ebay store before(shcfstore) I’m not sure how I missed that

mrmopar said

i am just a cheapskate tommy…. but that is how i got most of my tea!

Sil select said

Love it! That’s fantastic!

Ya it’s pretty great. I’m still in recovery from the shock of my parents being able to get one of the pots from verdant’s trip.

That’s awesome that they were able to get you all that, especially the yixing teapot from David. Those teapots sold within seconds!

Ya, I guess one of the days my dad wasn’t working (he’s an airforce pilot so he works a couple weeks on then 1ish week off) he was periodically checking the website and he was the first to grab the pot. Lucky timing :)

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