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Any difficulties posting today?

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Ricky admin said

We’re looking into it, sorry guys :(

Sil select said

Appreciate the heads up! Hope you’re able to figure it out :)

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Mike admin said

Hi all, we deployed some performance updates over the weekend which inadvertently broke posting (argh!).

Updating the site now so it may be slow for a few minutes but posting should be fixed momentarily (in ~10 minutes).

Many apologies, thank you for your patience while we work to address the issue.

Programing is fun!
Seriously, thank you for this site and all you do.

Nik select said

Well, that’s certainly one way to improve performance. :D (kidding!)

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Mike admin said

All –

Site has been updated with the fix and all should be working now. Please let us know if you’re still seeing issues.

Again, very sorry for the mistake!

Ellyn select said

Thank you for steepster!!!!

Nik select said

Awesome. Thanks, Mike and the rest of the team.

Em said

THANK YOU!!! You guys rock!! So glad to have things running again.

Thank you for fixing my beloved Steepster :)

Mike admin said

You’re welcome! Should never have broken it in the first place ;) …but, you’re welcome!

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Donna A said

Thanks! I’m impressed that considering the holiday weekend, things were fixed pretty quickly.

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I still can’t add a tasting note, I actually never have been able to!

Bonnie said

Send a note to Jason who administers steepster. Check under the discussions for troubleshooting.

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