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Where to put tea between infusions?

I can steep my tea 5 times before it loses its flavor, but I don’t drink all 5 in a row. I’ve been refrigerating the steeped tea leaves between infusions but I wonder if there’s something else I should be doing?

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This is something we have wondered so many times. To our knowledge, there is no single best way to stock your once-brewed tea. We’re not sure if refrigeration helps or not.

However, we’d recommend getting a strainer that has a base or a reversible lid so that you can keep the strainer off the counter and clean between steeps. The finum medium basket is the best single-cup strainer we’ve ever used. We sell it on our site (www.hugotea.com) for cheaper than you can get on Amazon. But there are hundreds of other types of strainers that have “docks” to keep the tea right on the counter throughout the day (or even overnight).

Perhaps we’ll get some good recommendations here.


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Since I use my breville almost all the time, I just keep it in the basket in the breville in between steeps. If I’m steeping in my gaiwan, I keep the leaves in there. If I’m using my smart infuser (which I use if I’m brewing a chai or something that’s strongly scented so that it won’t affect my breville), then I keep the leaves in there.

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Uniquity said

I just leave them in the strainer and either in the mug (once emptied) or in the cover or a small dish if it’s a teapot rather than my Perfect tea mug. I trust for them for a day or two in regular temps with no problems.

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I just keep mine in the gaiwan till the next steep :)

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I have a beautiful tea bowl I use.

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I leave it in my strainer until the next steep. I’ve found that the longer it stays out in the air, the more the flavor becomes coppery tasting. Because of that, I try to make smaller cups when I know I’m going to make many infusions. That way I can reduce the amount of time the leaves spend hanging out between steeps.

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mrmopar said

yeah a gawain or yixing if you use it quick. but as Mercuryhime said, a great point by the way that most people miss. the coppery flavor does come out the longer it is exposed to air. i put mine in the fridge and let it warm up a little in the brew container before using it for the next steep if it will be the day after the original brewing.

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ashmanra said

I just take my infuser basket out of the pot and put it in a measuring cup on the stove right beside where I keep my tea kettle. I use them the same day. Sometimes I have tea leftover in a pot and I will just keep it on the table and reheat it the next day, but seldom will I drink it any longer than that after it is made.

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