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Which teas haunt you? Or: "You know what I wish I could have a cup of right now?"

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Ninavampi said

Paris from H&S…. I finished the tin I got sooo fast! I can’t wait to be able to get another one! Argh…. I wish shipping to Ecuador could be easier and much cheaper!

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Earl Grey Cream from Zen Tea. I need to break down and place an order, but I’m trying to behave until my Christmas shopping is done. Sometimes being responsible sucks. :p

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Oolong Obsession Origin

Way back in ancient times (the mid 1970’s) I found a box of loose tea in the kitchen junk drawer. My mom had received it as a gift and never opened it. It had a beautiful oriental design, all the labeling was in Chinese and was full of loose twisted leaves.

This was my first experience with loose tea and I loved it. I now know it was an oolong. Whether or not the memory of it deliciousness has been enhanced over time, I still long for it.

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Oh I forgot Forever Nuts from DAVIDsTEA. This tea has been in my mind since I tried my first mug (it was in a swap from someone). And I am on my way over to the site to order some. 100g of it! YUMMO!

I actually order the new large tin (comes in 3 flavours). So I got 200g! SOOOOOOOO excited!

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Dinosara said

I have a crapton of teas (as per Kittena’s definition above), so I have tried to avoid purchasing too many new teas, even to restock teas I love but no longer have any of. Some of these are among my favorite teas ever, though I have none of them.

American Tea Room – Milk Oolong
Golden Moon – Coconut Pouchong
Harney – Lychee Black
Harney – Black Currant
Harney – Tower of London
Harney – Paris
thepuriTea – Passion Fruit Black
Naivetea – Passion Fruit Oolong
Naivetea – Lychee Oolong
Teas, Etc. – Rosy Earl Grey
Teavivre – Fengqing Black Dragon Pearls
Teavivre – Bailin Gongfu Black
Lupicia – Earl Grey

And then there are the teas I love that were limited and I can never have again:

Verdant – Gardens of Anxi
Verdant – Golden Earl
Verdant – Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black
(sensing a pattern here?)

Oh yes, not to mention the amazing Tan Yang Gongfu and Tieguanyin I brought back from China, but I didn’t nearly bring enough back.

sigh This post is kind of depressing, you know?

Sorry about that. It is a little depressing, but hopefully it’s a good outlet. I was starting to get a little crazy thinking the same thing over and over again. “I wish I could have a cup of… right now.” It’s like listening to a song that’s been stuck on a loop in your brain, sometimes it makes it go away and sometimes it makes it worse. :(

Dinosara said

Yeah I know, I think about it time to time, but putting them all up there made me realize how many of them I’m missing!

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Angrboda said

I have been haunted by the vanilla nilgiri from Chi of Tea for what feels like eons now. Just when I decided to buy a WHOLE LOT of it, it’s sold out. (I’m also not sure if Chi of Tea has gone out of business or not, because they haven’t had anything in stock for ages.) But that vanilla nilgiri was the closest I’ve ever been to the perfect vanilla black.

I remember that tea! Probably one of the best smelling teas I’ve ever had. I also checked back with Chi of Tea and it’s been out of stock since it was released, it seems.

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I have enough for one small cup after today, but when it’s gone, White Moon Sheng from Tao Tea Leaf is surely going to keep me hostage. He is all out for now so I need to wait for next season :S

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Huang Zhi Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong – Verdant
Sun Dried Jingshan – Verdant
Lavender Earl Green – Verdant
Frosty Spring Yunnan Roast Green – Life in Teacup
Bangkok – Harney and Sons
Love Life – Harney and Sons

Summer harvest Laoshan Green and Xingyang Silk Road Spice will both be added to the list when I run out.

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Golden Fleece from Verdant…I missed it the first time around…but I suspect Santa will be bringing me some!

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KallieBoo! said

Since yesterday I’ve been craving The Tea Grotto’s Heaven’s Formosa…. So buttery, sweet, and delicious :D

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