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Have you ever been or heard of being "tea drunk"?

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TeaGinner said

Thank you so much everyone for helping me out with this concept. I’d reply to you all individually but it’d take me ages to type everything out!!! :P I guess I have felt a sort of light and floaty feeling on a good Oolong I have in my tea cupboard but I never attributed this to it!

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There are 3 or 4 good threads about what this is and what tea has cha qi, high energy, or gets you tea drunk. Mainly young or extremely aged puerh, especially lao ban zhang

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Copious said

Its called Teagasm, people.
Its the only gasm even guys like me can have multiples of!

Uniquity said

Now I DEFINITELY feel like I’m missing out!

Bonnie said

You are so funny!!!

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Lol, yes. When I first started working in the tea shop I was kind of worried that I was going crazy for a few days until I googled it one day. Now it’s one of my favourite things ever. I find that matcha makes me feel it too.

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I’m tea drunk right now. I just finished a cup of Bi Luo Chun and it must have pushed me over my caffeine limit because I feel a little light headed (in a good way) and I’m all over the place. It is an awesome feeling…only on steep one of three with this Bi Luo Chun….I wonder if my second steep will pre-long the effects or dispel them? Tis fun.

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Lindsay710 said

More like “Tea Stoned off my A$$!!”

I am new to the tea world and am only at the tip of it (seeing as my only experience has been from Teavana). I think I may have been “tea stoned off my a$$” last weekend and again last night. Seeing as I had NO IDEA tea could do this to you I totally freaked out and thought I was dying :( I have been drinking this specific white tea for about 2 weeks now and it has happened twice – from VERY little amounts, a cup at most (Is that normal? For it to hit sometimes and not others?) Last night I had half a cup and I felt my body getting weird. I felt dizzy, light headed, tingly, vision was almost fuzzy, my eyelids became heavy, little bit of nausea. Could I be that sensitive to the stuff?? I absolutely love the tea but I’m not so sure about the high… first experience threw me WAY off.

Bonnie said

white and green tea especially on an empty stomach can cause dizziness and nausea in some people. It’s from caffeine. I make sure never to drink tea without something in my stomach because I also take medications for migraines. Tea drunk should feel good not bad.
I have a white tea and a puer that seem to turn on that L-theanine chemical delivery to my brain making me feel relaxed and a bit high.Look it up. This is actually good for you.

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