merton said

Look at what you have all done to me.

I joined Steepster two months ago, and now, this is what my tea collection looks like:

I realize some of you probably have WAY MORE tea than this, but this is what has evolved in only two months. I also just ordered more tea yesterday.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping me in my journey of discovering tea. You guys have helped me discover new tea stores, and some really delicious tea. This community is awesome.

If anyone has any pictures of their collection, I would love to see them. I need to prepare for what I should expect in the months to come. :)

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Go to the head of the class! :)

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By the way, were are the lovely containers next the Adagio tins from?

merton said

Thank you!

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Looks like you are off to a great start. These days I’ve got so much personal stock I feel it is coming out of my ears. Keep in mind I drink it too. :) No regrets either. Enjoy, this journey it only gets better with every new discovery.

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Awesome! Congrats!!!!

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DaisyChubb said

Yay an exciting beginning! It has only just begun after all ;) hehe

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Nice stash. I have those teaopia tins as well!
Not sure if you’ve seen this thread. Might wanna post your pic there to.

merton said

Thanks! I think I missed that thread.

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Babble said

Yeah we are all terrible enablers.

Also, unrelated, but we have the same dishwasher – LOL.

Haha! That was my first thought when I looked at the picture too!
“Hey, thats my dishwasher” ;)

Lol, that was my first thought when scrolling through everyone’s comments, “We’re terrible enablers!”

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Yup welcome to the horrible wonderful world of Steepster & it’s enablers.
I have posted pics before, but presently in the process of re-arranging. so I will need new pics soon.
There is a stash/cupboard pic thread in here somwhere.

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seule771 said

I try not to look at pictures. I will take your words that you are tea addict. Kudos!

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Everyone’s tea collection is so impressive. How does everyone feel about having so much tea? As I’m building my business Tealet ( I have many friends tell me I should sell smaller quantities of tea because they have so much they can’t finish accumulating in the cabinet. I haven’t figured out what the best option would be. What do you think?

merton said


I think selling tea around the 1 oz range seems like a good idea. Maybe offer two options: a sample size (somewhere between 0.5oz and 1oz), and a larger size for those that like the tea and want to stock up.

There were a bunch of teas I wanted to try from McNulty’s, a small tea store in NYC. I have a family member that lives there that was coming home for the holidays, so I had her pick me up some tea on her way home. The problem, and I guess it isn’t really a problem because I ended up discovering that I really like their teas, is that the smallest amount you can buy is 4oz. If I knew before hand what tea of theirs I really liked, that would be a perfect size for stocking up, but I really just wanted to try a variety of their teas. Because I couldn’t get anything smaller, I ended up getting 2lbs of tea! The good part is, their tea is cheap (and delicious), so I paid $39.50 for 2 lbs.

Just my two cents. I am still in the “I need to explore and buy every tea possible” stage.

Uniquity said

I have WAY overbought because of minimum requirements and I now skip anything that forces me to buy 50 grams or more right off the bat. I want to know I like it before I have that much. Offering a sample size may be a lot of work but I think it would pay off in terms of more tea drinkers trying your product and returning for larger orders if they like what they drink. Teavivre got my business that way!

I agree with Uniquity. There are a lot of tea companies that have never gotten my business and they never may. This is simply because they don’t sell sample sizes. I really dislike buying teas in bulk without knowing if I like them or not to begin with.

I totally second that. I simply cannot afford to spend that much money, and waste cupboard space on a tea I might dislike.
In fact, if someone said the tea was free but I had to take 100g, I might refuse

Babble said

There are some places that actually force you to buy 4 oz. 2 oz is bad enough, but 4 oz I will never go through of one tea :(

Thanks for all the great feedback guys! It means a lot, we want to make you all happy!

Dustin said

Yup. The minimum is one of my gripes about Teavana. Their teas smell great, but don’t always taste the way they smell. I now have several of their teas that I don’t like and am not likely to buy from them again in part because of those minimums. Also, when a company has a large selection and there are several teas I am interested in, there will be many I don’t try because of large minimums. So I might skip one I’d end up liking and buying one I end up not liking which leaves a sour impression. Once I find a tea I like for sure, I’ll go into hoarding mode and stock up on it.

Sil select said

I second what most have mentioned here. What i would like to add is that I like the ability to pick up a pack of samples for a decent price. I prefer being able to chose my own samples, but I also like it when they have sample packs pre built if there’s a nice range. Tn I get things I wouldn’t necessarily have tried on my own as well

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